Need fresh eyes! Finish the sibset! What feels like the last piece?

Posted below but want to hear your thoughts. What boy names do you think fit nicely in this set :
Henry Evan Daphne &

Which of these but would love suggestions as well. We are really struggling.

Our leaders that we compromised to. We seem to have very different tastes in names so it’s hard. We were hoping for another two syllable name, no true nickname and contains ‘n’ and ‘e’ like siblings. But overall just need to love it and feel like it fits !

Owen (too similar to Evan?) I love this one
Theodore nn Theo. Hubby loves this one
Nathaniel feels like a lot
Dean ( too similar with first and last letter shared with sibs?)

Thanks so much!

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I really like [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] or [name_m]Grant[/name_m] for you! [name_u]Teddy[/name_u] is another cute nickname that fits with your set. Agree with your sentiments about [name_u]Owen[/name_u], [name_m]Nathaniel[/name_m] and [name_u]Dean[/name_u]. [name_m]Andrew[/name_m] feels a bit out of place/bit of a different era to your other options (more a millenial name than vintage revival or current).

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Have you considered just [name_u]Theo[/name_u]? I think it fits in perfectly with siblings names!

Otherwise, I really like [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] and [name_u]Owen[/name_u] for you. [name_u]Owen[/name_u] doesn’t feel too close to [name_u]Evan[/name_u] to me! [name_m]Grant[/name_m] is nice, too!

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[name_u]Owen[/name_u]: I love it! I think it flows well. It has a similar feel to [name_u]Evan[/name_u], but I don’t think it’s too catchy.
[name_m]Theodore[/name_m] nn [name_u]Theo[/name_u]: I adore this name so much, and am sad it is so uber-popular. I think it fits in with your other children, but doesn’t match as well as [name_u]Owen[/name_u].
[name_m]Nathaniel[/name_m]: As this is my choice if I ever have a boy (but I’m 46), I love it. I do think that, like [name_u]Theo[/name_u], it doesn’t stand out as the odd name, but isn’t a perfect sibset match. But I love it!
[name_m]Andrew[/name_m]: Meh. I’m just so bored of this name. I’ve also had several students I didn’t like named this. I think he goes perfectly with [name_u]Evan[/name_u], but not sure I like his flow in the whole sibset.
[name_u]Dean[/name_u]: I don’t like this name at all, so it’s hard for me to judge it fairly. I think it flows okay with the boys, but I don’t like [name_f]Daphne[/name_f] and [name_u]Dean[/name_u] together.
[name_m]Grant[/name_m]: Again this isn’t my style at a ll, but it does flow well with your other children.

Other ideas: [name_u]Alden[/name_u]? [name_m]Anthony[/name_m]? [name_u]Benjamin[/name_u]? [name_u]Logan[/name_u]? [name_u]Milo[/name_u]? [name_m]Oliver[/name_m]? [name_m]Roman[/name_m]?

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Yes I actually prefer just [name_u]Theo[/name_u] but my husband needs it to be [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] but will agree to
Calling him [name_u]Theo[/name_u] so it’s a compromise name
Of sorts. Any other names you think fit well?

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Yes [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] is popular right now which is a negative for me but have to weigh that out as we are having so much trouble picking a name as we have very different [name_m]Styles[/name_m] and it was hard enough to name
The first two boys.

We both like [name_u]Benjamin[/name_u] and [name_m]Oliver[/name_m] but can’t use either.

I vote [name_m]Grant[/name_m]!

I love both [name_m]Andrew[/name_m] and [name_m]Grant[/name_m] with your other names.

Would love to hear what you would use to finish the set if different than our ideas? We are losing perspective and need some fresh eyes.

I still think [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] “Theo” works nicely!

I’ll list some other ideas that came to mind, sorry if they’re not your style!! maybe they’ll help get you closer to finding the one, though!

[name_u]Beckett[/name_u] / [name_u]Beck[/name_u]
[name_u]Luca[/name_u] / [name_m]Lucas[/name_m]
[name_u]Nat[/name_u] / [name_m]Nate[/name_m] / [name_m]Nathan[/name_m]
[name_m]Nicholas[/name_m] / [name_u]Nico[/name_u]
[name_m]Tobias[/name_m] / [name_u]Toby[/name_u]

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I can see what you mean. None of them feel like the perfect fit. Your kids have beautiful names, though! I like [name_u]Theo[/name_u] best with your set–but just [name_u]Theo[/name_u], skipping [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] entirely. Feels like a really good mix of the qualities of [name_u]Henry[/name_u] and [name_u]Evan[/name_u].

Other ideas:


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i loveee theodore and grant for this sib set!!!

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Yes [name_u]Theo[/name_u] fits to me but not perfect bc I doesn’t have an n. I considered [name_m]Theon[/name_m] but it’s not right.

I LOVE [name_u]Arthur[/name_u]. I’ve tried to have hubby see how great it is but he hasn’t come around. Also love [name_m]Oliver[/name_m] but can’t use due to close family.

I also like [name_m]Graham[/name_m] from your list.

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Thank you! I like [name_u]Archer[/name_u], [name_u]Arthur[/name_u], [name_u]Bennett[/name_u], [name_u]Emmett[/name_u], [name_m]Graham[/name_m] and a few others from your list! The issue is my husband doesn’t like the same! :upside_down_face:

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I think [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] fits best with siblings even though it doesn’t fit all your specifications.

Are there any names your husband does like? Maybe that can be a starting place for you, and you can find similar names that you like.

Have you tried doing the baby name dna together? Maybe that could help you find some new suggestions you’re both into!

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Yes we are both trying to see the others options. We took it but not together. That’s a good idea to do one together.

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I hope it helps! I’d recommend maybe only selecting the names you both like!
Another option is you both making a list of your favorites, and then comparing. Are there any crossovers? Similar sounds/letters or vibes you’re both looking for? Then you can start branching out from there!

Yes we did! Those 5 are the names! But we don’t know which fit the best and we want it to work together.

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[name_m]Theodore[/name_m] is perfect with [name_u]Henry[/name_u]! [name_u]Theo[/name_u] is so, so sweet!