Need Some Help With Ideas

I am naming the three main characters in a story I’m planning, but I can’t decide on names.
The genre is [name_f]Fantasy[/name_f], and the three main characters are identical triplets, all girls, with red hair and green eyes. They have light brown skin, and all pretend to be one person, to gain information. The woman they pretend to be is a woman named Akida [name_f]Mali[/name_f].
I’m really wanting to use Sarabi and [name_f]Sarafina[/name_f], but I can’t think of a third name that starts with ‘sara’. I want the girls to have names that all start with the same letters, but end differently, like [name_u]Stanley[/name_u] and [name_m]Stanford[/name_m] from [name_f]Gravity[/name_f] Falls. I also want the names to have an exotic type feel to them, even though [name_f]Sarafina[/name_f] isn’t quite that.
Some names I considered are [name_m]Saraph[/name_m], Saran, Saraceli, Sarani and Sarali, but I didn’t really want the names to be too similar. (Sarabi-Sarali/ni)
Any other suggestions for the names would be much appreciated thanks.

What about Sarada?

You could do Sarada like @silvercandles said or maybe look up names that start with the same letter like [name_f]Stella[/name_f] though that doesn’t have the name [name_f]Sara[/name_f] in it but it’s not similar to the other names.

Why not…Sarabelle ? Saranda ? Samsara ? Saralyn ? [name_f]Sara[/name_f]ï ?

Sarahity -Hebrew, means princess, lady
[name_f]Saraid[/name_f] -Celtic
Sarantis (I think this is a boy’s name, though)