New Names for Minor Characters

I just realized that I have two characters with very similar names to two other characters.
First off, we have [name_u]Quincy[/name_u]. Her name is similar to someone else’s last name, so this needs to change. If I were to summarize her personality, I’d say that she is like [name_m]Olaf[/name_m] from Frozen. She’s funny, goofy, and really sweet. Her last name is Abernathy.
Next, we have [name_u]Jackson[/name_u]. His name is a lot like [name_f]Jacqueline[/name_f]’s, and therefore, [name_u]Jackson[/name_u] needs a new name. He is a bit awkward, and has a twin sister named [name_f]Kaelyn[/name_f]. He enjoys playing soccer and has the last name of Cummings.
So please, a new first name for Quincy Abernathy, and a new name for Jackson Cummings. Thank y’all!


New name for [name_u]Quincy[/name_u] Abernathy

If you like alliteration what about:

  • Aster Abernathy
  • Astoria Abernathy

If you don’t like alliteration then what about:

  • Bliss Abernathy
  • Estoria Abernathy (if you like the sound but dont want the alliteration of the -A)
  • Fable Abernathy
  • Jinx Abernathy
  • Lumaria Abernathy
  • Lyra Abernathy
  • Nixie Abernathy
  • Novelia Abernathy
  • Ravelina Abernathy
  • Remi Abernathy
  • Treva Abernathy
  • Vestia Abernathy
  • Valetta Abernathy
  • Wren Abernathy

New name for [name_u]Jackson[/name_u] Cummings (twin [name_f]Kaelyn[/name_f] Cummings)

If you like alliteration what about:

  • Creston Cummings
  • Caelon Cummings
  • Caspen Cummings
  • Casen Cummings

If you want the twins to have the same initals of -K

  • Kreston Cummings
  • Kaelon Cummings
  • Kaspen Cummings
  • Kasen Cummings
  • Kadar Cummings
  • Kodax Cummings
  • Kyro Cummings

If you don’t like alliteration then what about:

  • Arkyn Cummings
  • Auzriel Cummings
  • Aston Cummings
  • Fenlore Cummings
  • Huxley Cummings or Hoxley Cummings
  • Ledger Cummings or Ledgen Cummings
  • Oaklen Cummings
  • Raiden Cummings or [name_u]Revel[/name_u] Cummings or Rydger Cummings
  • Titan Cummings or [name_m]Titus[/name_m] Cummings
  • Vespen Cummings or [name_u]Valor[/name_u] Cummings or [name_u]Valiant[/name_u] Cummings
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Ooh! I really like [name_u]Wren[/name_u] Abernathy and [name_m]Ledger[/name_m] Cummings. Or maybe Kaspen. (Ugh, now the decisions!!)
Thank you!

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