New Report about Jessica Simpson's baby's name

So [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Simpson[/name] hasn’t had her baby yet as far as I know, but I just came across this article that the name may have possibly leaked. I’m not sure if it’s entirely true, but the possible name for her little girl is…[name]Maxwell[/name]!

Here’s the link:

Never heard this used on a girl before…hmm…what do you berries think?

AWFUL… I hope she doesn’t!!!

[name]Maxine[/name] [name]Willa[/name] could be a cute way to honor a [name]Maxwell[/name] but maintain some femininity! My sister and I were guessing what she might do- we guessed something super girly like [name]Charlotte[/name] or [name]Amelia[/name]…or maybe a bit less popular like [name]Emiline[/name] or [name]Laurel[/name].

Oh God, no. Not [name]Maxwell[/name].

I thought it was [name]Maxi[/name] … to honour [name]Maxwell[/name]? That’s what I read anyway on

I really dislike it, but I could see her doing it, and thinking she was being ultra trendy or cutting edge… [name]Maxine[/name] still is not my favorite, but at least more feminine…

Hmm, I’ve actually had a huge soft spot for [name]Maxine[/name] lately, nn [name]Max[/name]. I watched a creepy horror film where the gorgeus sweet little girl was [name]Maxine[/name] nn [name]Max[/name] and I fell in love with the idea, although I wouldn’t use it myself. [name]Maxwell[/name] is a little different, less feminine, and I don’t like [name]Maxi[/name] for obvious reasons. I’d actually prefer if she just called her [name]Max[/name] as the nn.

I do like that she’s using a family surname though and not just a unisex surname name with no meaning to be trendy. It’s lovely that she’s given it thought. I just hope she pairs it with a feminine middle.

[name]Maxwell[/name] [name]Josephine[/name] (after papa [name]Joe[/name]?)
[name]Maxwell[/name] [name]Jessica[/name]
[name]Maxwell[/name] [name]Jessamine[/name]
[name]Maxwell[/name] [name]Abilene[/name] (for her home town)
[name]Maxwell[/name] [name]Anna[/name] (for her middle name [name]Ann[/name])
[name]Maxwell[/name] [name]True[/name] - for [name]Joe[/name]'s middle name Truett
[name]Maxwell[/name] [name]Drew[/name] - for her mother’s maiden name, but maybe too unisex?

Hmm. It’s loads better than [name]Bronx[/name] [name]Mowgli[/name] anyway!! :slight_smile:

I don’t think she’ll use it and neither do a lot of more reputable sources but I could be wrong

[name]Maxwell[/name] for a GIRL? I hope she doesn’t…

maxi just makes me think of maxi pads!

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