Nickname for Adeline

We like Adeline pronounced Add-a-line for our baby girl with Ada as the nickname. I pronounce Ada, Add-ah but my husband thinks it should be pronounced Ay-dah.

My question is, is it weird to pronounce the full name Add-a-line but the nickname Ay-duh? To me it seems strange to change the way you pronounce the vowel, but maybe its not that strange? TIA

I think that sounds perfectly fine. It gives some nice flair :slight_smile:

Adeline called Ada makes total sense! It’s lovely. Congrats on Miss Ada!

Honestly, I think it feels a little off. You could spell it Adda and clear up any pronunciation issues? But I just don’t think Ada (AY-duh) works well for Adeline. It would be kind of confusing because of the way the A sound changes from name to nickname. Or perhaps it’s because Ada is a name in its own right – it doesn’t really feel nickname-y enough to stem naturally from Adeline, imho.

But that’s all just my opinion. There’s certainly no reason you can’t use it if that’s what you love!

Edit: It just occurred to me that “Kate” is a nn for “Katherine”, and the A sound changes over there. So I’m quite sure it’ll be fine if you call Adeline “Ada”! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I am thinking the same thing-now to get my husband to understand!

I love this! Ada is so sweet and I much prefer it over the popular Addie as a nickname.

I think it’s totally normal, and both Adeline and Ada are adorable! As @elanorelle said,

“Kate” is a nn for “Katherine” and the A sound changes over there.

Other options for nns could be Addy, Lina, Della, or maybe even Lila or Lily.

Ada is so darling! I’m in love and it works beautifully with Adaline (another gorgeous pick). If you’re still unsure, there’s always: Addie, Lina, Della, Dellie, Lee, Nina, Dina, Ina, Ads, Adda, Adlee, etc.