Nickname for Avalon

My husband and I are due in about a month now (this is our first) and we have decided on the name of [name]Avalon[/name] [name]Rose[/name] for our daughter. I was out voted I wanted to name her [name]Rose[/name] [name]Avalon[/name]. So it is what it is. I’ve excepted [name]Avalon[/name] as her name. I like it but I’m not thrilled with the nickname choices. I absolutely hate the nickname [name]Ava[/name], I feel there are to many out there. But I was having lunch with my friend and she suggested the nickname [name]Apple[/name]. [name]Avalon[/name] is Celtic for “Island of Apples” so I thought it was an interesting choice but I don’t know if I love it or not.

So basically I am interested in other nickname choices for her. I feel while she is young [name]Avalon[/name] may be to big of a name for her and her future friends to pronounce. All opinions are welcomed.


Maybe “[name]Avie[/name]”. Like “[name]Ah[/name]-Vee”.

It might be hard to pronounce when she’s in kindergarten, but it’s not hard a name to pronounce or spell when she gets older.

I’m dying to find a name I love that nicknames to [name]Avie[/name] Ay-vie. You could totally use that. It’s my absolute favorite nickname ever but I can’t talk my husband into any name that nicknames to it besides using the initials A.V. so we’re planning on doing that as of now. Everyone who I tell [name]Avie[/name] to, thinks it’s cute.

Break apart the name to get nicknames you desire: [name]Ava[/name], [name]Val[/name] & [name]Lonnie[/name]. My favorite is [name]Val[/name].

I wouldn’t use [name]Apple[/name] as a nickname unless you are saying “My little [name]Apple[/name]” or some other cutesy saying. It is too cheesy as a real nickname in my opinion.

First thing that came to mind was [name]Val[/name].

[name]How[/name] about [name]Lona[/name]?

[name]Avie[/name] (ah-vee) is the most intuitive nickname. [name]Loni[/name] (for a tomboy) is also fairly natural. [name]Val[/name], [name]Lona[/name] ([name]Law[/name]-nuh), [name]Vali[/name] and [name]Avie[/name] prn Ay-vee also could work.

I love [name]Avalon[/name], BTW.

My first thought was [name]Loni[/name], spelled this way. [name]Lonnie[/name] is more of a male spelling for [name]Alonzo[/name].
[name]Val[/name] seems rather plain for so exotic a name and people would always assume it was short for [name]Valerie[/name]. [name]How[/name] about [name]Vali[/name]?

Thanks everyone. Lots of good feedback to think about. I really like the nn [name]Val[/name] or [name]Vali[/name]. Never thought of it of [name]Avalon[/name]. And now that I think about I do agree with you rosesnlillies, [name]Apple[/name] does sound to cutesy.

[name]Love[/name] [name]Avie[/name] (aa-vie, like the A in ‘cat’ and, well, [name]Avalon[/name])

As an [name]Avalon[/name] I can tell you that nick names have never really stuck , they come and go and sometimes people try but generally I tend to get called by my name.

I have never met another [name]Avalon[/name] and it is nice to be fairly unpopular in the name department .

I am also an [name]Avalon[/name] (who loves her name) and this is my exact experience! My parents occasionally call me [name]Avie[/name] (Ay-vee) after my Aunt [name]Averil[/name] but everbody else calls me [name]Avalon[/name] except for my best friend who infrequently calls me Avonlea because of an inside joke.

I like the nickname [name]Val[/name] for [name]Avalon[/name].

[name]Avalon[/name] is such a gorgeous, romantic and exotic name! [name]Love[/name] it!
I think the nn [name]Apple[/name] takes away from the beauty of the name [name]Avalon[/name].

[name]Ally[/name]? It’s quite a common nn but there aren’t too many obvious choices aside from the ones already mentioned.

[name]Arie[/name]? From her first 2 initials?

[name]Will[/name] the initials from her full name lend themselves to anything useable?

[name]Avalon[/name] (av-a-lon *first bit rhymes with have or the start of avatar) is the island [name]King[/name] [name]Arthur[/name] goes to by boat when he’s dying. I can’t see it as a name and ‘Avvy’ doesn’t strike me as a particular nice sound for a nickname. ‘[name]Ah[/name]-vee’ wouldn’t work because the first ‘a’ is flat and not sighed like in ‘arthur’.

I don’t understand this naming your child one name, then coming up with a completely different name and calling it a nn. If you want to name her [name]Apple[/name] like that annoying [name]Gwyneth[/name] Paltrow, then name her [name]Apple[/name] for crying out loud.

I dont want to name her [name]Apple[/name]. It was just a nn suggestion. Everyone in my family goes by nn’s. I don’t know why we just always have. After hearing opinions on it I’m not to keen on [name]Apple[/name] as a nn. I’m a first time mommy to be and I just want to get one of the most important things in her life right “For crying out loud”.

My cat is named [name]Avalon[/name] and we call her [name]Avy[/name] (rhymes with savvy). I realize one is a cat and one is a person, but I say the name [name]Avy[/name] A LOT and I think it’s super adorable! We also call her Avs (rhymes with calves). [name]Avalon[/name] [name]Rose[/name] is gorgeous, by the way.