Nickname for Rose

Are there any nicknames for [name]Rose[/name] other than [name]Rosie[/name] or [name]Rosa[/name]?
Could [name]Posey[/name] work?

I think if you call her [name]Posy[/name], it will stick. Although, if you like [name]Posy[/name], why not just name her [name]Posy[/name]? I think that’s adorable.

If you name her [name]Rose[/name] and call her [name]Posy[/name], inevitably, someone is going to call her [name]Rosy[/name] [name]Posy[/name].

I think [name]Posey[/name] could work, although personally I like [name]Ro[/name].

I suppose [name]Posey[/name] could work, but there seem more natural ways to get there (if what you’re aiming for is the nn [name]Posey[/name]). But I think [name]Rosie[/name] is very cute and equally appealing.

I think [name]Rose[/name] is fine without a nickname, but if I had to use one, it would be [name]Ro[/name].

I dont think [name]Rose[/name] needs a nickname its lovely just as it is. Not every name needs a nickname and sometimes children grow up not liking people nick-naming them

really wouldnt want a nickname for a [name]Rose[/name] - its a beautiful and succinct name that doesnt need a shortening so If you’re thinking you wouldn’t call her [name]Rose[/name], why give her the name!

I’m with the pps-wondering why [name]Rose[/name] needs a nickname. I’m sure you will come up with some organically-[name]Rosie[/name], [name]Rosy[/name] [name]Posy[/name], [name]Posy[/name],RoRo-but I don’t think you need to choose an “official” one!

Sometimes you find after your baby is born that the nickname (if there is one) just follows…We called our first Miss Bug for ages (much to her chagrin) just because she was so small and cute. She was [name]Katie[/name] as a little one and then [name]Kate[/name] as she grew older; she changed her nn to [name]Kitty[/name] as a teenager.

I wouldn’t worry about nicknames, unless you have chosen a name with a nn that could be problematic. (And all names could be made rude. I was Nestle’s Quick throughout 3rd grade.)

Your baby will tell you her nickname, or if she even has one.

[name]Rosey[/name] is adorable, and I cannot imagine calling a baby [name]Rose[/name]. Not because its not a lovely name but because its a baby and they just beg to be nicknamed!
I also know a girl whose family nn (for [name]Rosie[/name]) is Roo, which is I thnk is fantastic.

I think [name]Rosie[/name] would be most natural when she’s a baby just because everyone loves to add “ee” to the end of babies names because it makes them sound younger but I don’t think [name]Rose[/name] needs an official nn. If you like [name]Posey[/name] though, just name her that. My friend has a little [name]Posey[/name] (that’s her full given name) and she is adorable! They get compliments all the time.

My name is [name]Rose[/name], and I like it just like that. Some of my family and my very close friends call me [name]Rosie[/name], but that’s it. I love being a [name]Rose[/name]. Also, in regard to [name]Posey[/name], my mom used to recite to me, “[name]Rosey[/name] [name]Posey[/name] pumpkin pie, kissed the boys and made them cry.” So [name]Posey[/name] is not a good nn in my opinion.

Thanks for all the respoonses!
The reason I asked was not because I was looking for an “official” nickname, but rather just seeing what pontenial nicknames were out there.
I was worried that if I named my daughter [name]Rose[/name] she would automaticly become [name]Rosie[/name], which I’m not overly keen on. Though I must admit it is growing on me!