Nicknames and opinions for Estella...

Recently considering [name]Estella[/name]. Is it too old lady? [name]Do[/name] you like it? I kind of view it as old lady chic??? Can you think of any cute nicknames besides [name]Stella[/name] and [name]Ellie[/name]/[name]Ella[/name]…[name]Estee[/name]?

I really like [name]Estella[/name], but slightly prefer [name]Estelle[/name]. It definantly fits in with the old lady chic trend. My favorite nn for it is [name]Essie[/name] but you could also probally get away with [name]Elsie[/name] or [name]Ettie[/name]/[name]Etta[/name] if you wanted to

Other than [name]Stella[/name], [name]Ellie[/name], [name]Ella[/name], [name]Ettie[/name] and [name]Etta[/name], I can’t think of much else…[name]Estee[/name] is alright, definitely not of the prettiest nicknames for [name]Estella[/name] though.

Let’s see what else I can find….

[name]How[/name] about [name]Elsa[/name]? [name]Essa[/name]? [name]Esta[/name]? [name]Estel[/name]?

[name]Estella[/name] means [name]Star[/name]…so you could also call her that. It’s not an obvious nickname but it still works.

I love averelladavina’s idea of [name]Essie[/name]! Very pretty sounding!

I think they hit most of the nicknames. I too prefer [name]Estelle[/name] over [name]Estella[/name]; it seems cleaner. Visually [name]Estella[/name] looks a little like E-[name]Stella[/name] to me where [name]Estelle[/name] seems like a name of its own (which is all a silly personal thing on my part, but thought I’d throw it out there).

I also prefer [name]Estelle[/name] to [name]Estella[/name] but [name]Estella[/name] is still very pretty. I [name]LOVE[/name] old lady names and think this one is definitely chic. [name]Essa[/name] could be a possible nickname.

It’s totally old lady… [name]Stella[/name] is way better

I really like [name]Estella[/name]. I [name]Love[/name] vintage names. Go for it! I love [name]Essie[/name] as a nn.
I don’t really like [name]Estelle[/name] or [name]Stella[/name] for some reason though.

I like the name a lot. I know a few [name]Stella[/name]'s. I group [name]Estelle[/name] and [name]Stella[/name] together so they are the same in my mind and you should pick based on your preference. I can see how people think that [name]Stella[/name] might be the modern twist on the name, but for me, I seek out girl names that don’t end in “a”, “y” or “y”

See I think [name]Estelle[/name] seems more old lady to me??? But I have a tendency to like “A” ending names. Really like [name]Essie[/name] as a nn, super cute! Does it sound very Spanish? I’m only asking b/c our last name is Italian and my daughters name is more Italian sounding.


I love the name [name]Estella[/name] even more than [name]Stella[/name]. It reminds me of the character in Great Expectations by [name]Charles[/name] Dickens. I don’t think [name]Estella[/name] necessarily needs a nn, but [name]Essa[/name] or [name]Essie[/name] could work.

no, not Spanish sounding at all to me. [name]Estrella[/name] es-stray-ya is the Spanish version.

I know of a little baby [name]Estella[/name] and it does not feel old lady on her! I prefer [name]Stella[/name], but [name]Estella[/name] is cute too. It might just be one of those nn that come once you meet her though. It seems sad to plan to shorten such a pretty name.