Nicknames for Paisley

I really like the name [name]Paisley[/name], but I am having a tough time with nicknames. The only one I can think of is Paise (Paze). [name]Do[/name] you have any other suggestions?

[name]Leigh[/name]/[name]Lee[/name] or [name]Leelee[/name] maybe…

[name]Love[/name] the name [name]Paisley[/name]! But as for nicknames, I know a little girl named [name]Payton[/name] who goes by P, which could work for [name]Paisley[/name] too.

It was once the name of a fabric in [name]Scotland[/name], so [name]Scotti[/name] could make an unusual nickname.

Ley/[name]Lee[/name]/Li is fairly intuitive. But, because [name]Paisley[/name] is two syllables, it is hard to get a nickname.

I new a girl named peyton and she went by pey

I was going to suggest [name]Scot[/name] or [name]Scotty[/name] too. [name]Paisley[/name] is a city in [name]Scotland[/name] as well as a fabric design. Definitely with a ‘y’ though. [name]Scotti[/name] makes me think of ‘biscotti’.

I wouldn’t even name a dog [name]Paisley[/name]…

I don’t think [name]Paisley[/name] is a bad name. I probably wouldn’t use a nickname for it, unless something comes out on its own.


I too wouldn’t have a nickname for [name]Paisley[/name] unless the child naturally picks up a pet name. I think some names lend themselves to nicknames and others (like mine) just don’t. For a year or two in middle school, I really wished I had a nickname, but everything I tried felt forced and didn’t stick. I think P, Pay, and [name]Lee[/name] would be most likely, but I wouldn’t force it.

[name_f]My[/name_f] twin sister’s name is [name_u]Paisley[/name_u] and her middle name is [name_f]Alyssa[/name_f]. She goes by [name_f]Lyssa[/name_f].