nn Teddy for the Name Tennessee?? Vote Please :)

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  • Yes: 8 (42%)
  • No: 11 (58%)

Obviously it is up to you and lets face it,if people have gotten away with [name]Bill[/name] for [name]William[/name] and [name]Jack[/name] for john then you can do what you want. [name]IMO[/name] though … its a bit of a stretch. Prefer [name]Tenny[/name] :slight_smile: good luck!

I think you can “get away” with anything but truthfully I think [name]Tenny[/name] is so much nicer or even [name]Tessy[/name].

I don’t think [name]Teddy[/name] works for [name]Tennessee[/name]… it must be difficult to find a viable nickname for that name! And I don’t agree with the comment that [name]Teddy[/name] can work for anything starting with T. Can you imagine a [name]Timothy[/name] nn [name]Teddy[/name]!?

[name]Tenny[/name] is so much cooler in my opinion.

Thanks for the suggestions so far! Oh, I forgot to add that it would be for a boy. So, [name]Tessy[/name] would be a bit too feminine for me. So far we were just thinking Ten. But that seems a bit lame or incomplete…lol. Maybe Ten Ten…but that kind of reminds me of the show “The Adventures of [name]Rin[/name] [name]Tin[/name] [name]Tin[/name].” I think [name]Tenny[/name] might be okay…idk. Maybe just the nn See would work.

I think it works fine. Nicknames don’t necessarily have to come from the name and I think [name]Teddy[/name] is generic enough to work especially when he’s young.

Good luck!

I think it works. Yes, it’s a little bit of a stretch but I don’t think it’s too crazy. It helps that I love the nickname [name]Teddy[/name] though.

So, I found out a lot since my last post. [name]Teddy[/name] can be used as a nn for any name starting with “[name]Ed[/name]” as well. I never knew this…lol. Hubby is named [name]William[/name] [name]Edwin[/name], but goes by [name]Eddie[/name]. Our first son will also have that same name, so technically we could just call him [name]Teddy[/name]! We will also use [name]Liam[/name] and [name]Lee[/name] as well though. But I think having [name]Teddy[/name] as an option rocks(especially since my grandfather was named [name]Theodore[/name])! I’m really glad that I found this out last night though. Hubby and I have been wondering why the grocery store cashier has been referring to him as [name]Ted[/name] for the past five years. [name]Every[/name] time we go, he’s like… “Hey [name]Ted[/name]” or “Have a nice day [name]Ted[/name].” We just thought the poor guy was confused and somehow mixed up [name]Eddie[/name] and [name]Ted[/name]…lol. It all makes sense now though. :lol:

Now on to [name]Tennessee[/name]…this would be the name of our 2nd son(not sure if I mentioned that in the original post). I was searching for better nicknames online last night and came across Tenner/Tenor. I really like that! I think I might even like it better than Ten or [name]Tenny[/name] as a nn. Tenner sounds more rugged. Kind of reminds me of gunner/hunter and etc. I don’t like gunner and etc, but I like the rugged vibe that those names give. So anyway, what do you all think of Tenner as a nn???