No middle?

I know several people with no middle name. Did you or would you choose this for your child?

I think I love combinations too much to consider not using a middle name. Plus in my family middle names are standard.

There is NO way I could not do middle names. Middle names are fun and intriguing and can do so much for a name. Plus, I think the SSA recommends it especially for really common names such as “[name_m]John[/name_m] [name_m]Smith[/name_m]” for example.

Too many people I want to honor. I don’t understand not giving middles. In my experience, the people who I know with no middle name have felt like their parents cheated them out of a name.

I wouldn’t, as in I would definitely give my children middle names, but that’s down to personal preference and experience. I can barely use the names I want to with 2 middles! I love making combos too.

I have a middle name, but my sister doesn’t, and she hates it (she doesn’t like her name really at all, that’s just one reason). That’s convinced me to use one if I ever have kids, even if it’s just a “filler.”

I feel like a middle name helps the cadence of a name, and helps to set them apart from anyone else they might meet who shares their name. it also gives them a second option should they not like or want to use their first for some reason. like I use my very common middle name when I don’t want to give someone my unique first name. to each their own of course, those are just my reasons for giving future children middle names.

I personally love middle names because it gives me the opportunity to use a name I just love and another to honor someone/something in the future when I have children. I find it special my first name is a name my mom “just loved” and my middle name is after my aunt, great aunt, and my mom’s confirmation name in the Catholic faith.

Side note, one of my best friends does not have a middle name. Her father’s side of the family doesn’t use middle names for the females born into their family. Her older sister passed away when she was young so she added her late sister’s first name as her middle name.

I don’t have a middle and that’s what got me into names, my parents either couldn’t or didn’t want to name me after anyone worth honouring. I will give my children a middle name, there are people in my life I can and want to honour and I just love making combos too much not to.

I don’t have a middle middle, and my sister has one, And my brother has two!
I always hated not having a middle name, and that’s what got me into names. I would always choose a middle name for myself. As I got older, I didn’t really mind. I tended to forget that most people had them!
I did consider not giving my (future) second child no middle name, just like a little family tradition, but I love names too much to miss a naming opportunity.
I don’t have a middle name because my Mum felt that my name was long enough without it, and she couldn’t find a middle to do justice to my first name :slight_smile:

I could never not give my children a middle name! I always imagine myself calling them by their first and second name from time to time.

Officially I have no middle. I mom sort of gave me one much later, but I was a toodler by then, not a newborn. The birth certificate has been made and stay unchanged.

One day though, I plan to add it officially. I love names and the more opportunity to have more, the better. I know it first hand that I prefer to have middle, so of course I’ll give my children middle names.

I have two middle names, and I could really do without them. I feel my mom did a lazy job and no middle name would be better than whatever my messy middle names are.

If it had been up to me, my girls wouldn’t have middle names, but my husband felt as the majority of posters here felt. That middle names were reserved to honor loved ones and to make family connections.

Since I love my daughters’ middle names, I have no issue with the concept, their father did a good job choosing them and they do mean a lot to our family.

If you ask me, one beautiful, lovingly chosen name should be everything and more than enough. Everything else is just an afterthought, a very nice, meaningful afterthought, but the name that is really “the” name, is the first one.

I have no middle name, and I hate it. It makes my name so short and boring (at least to me).

Hubby and I have chosen to give our children two middles. It’s elegant and unique. ”

I’d personally like to use at least one middle name just so as a whole they have a different name to someone else. For example, [name_f]Maisie[/name_f] [name_f]Grace[/name_f] and [name_f]Maisie[/name_f] [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] may both be called [name_f]Maisie[/name_f], but at least they first-middle combo keeps them different. Also, as a pp said, for those with common surnames it creates an identifier.

I don’t know, it depends. I like middle names, and even more than one {or even two}, but of course, I don’t think they’re necessary. The majority of my family members have no middle name at all, so it doesn’t sound weird to me.

My brother and I don’t have middle names. Our first names are honor names for grandparents. I’ve never had a problem not having a middle. My name is short but unique and I like it. Most people I know don’t use their middle names and I’ve forgotten most of my friends middles.

My daughter has a middle name per my husband’s family traditions and to honor his culture. My brother’s kids have middles per his wife’s family traditions.

2 middles feels too long and overwhelming to me, but that’s just me.

I have too many names I love to not use a middle name. I would actually use two middles if my DH would let me. I do like using middle names as honor names. My mom doesn’t have a mn and she hated it and always wanted one when she was young. Plus she doesn’t love her name so if she had a mn she could have gone by that. Now on the other hand, my DH doesn’t have a mn but it doesn’t bother him in the slightest, he didn’t want to give our children mn but I’m insisting that we do.

All the people I know dont have a middle name, but its very common in where I live, to not have a middle name. I dont and I havent a problem with it. Though I would propably choose a middle name for my kids, since I plan to not have a family name as a first, and I would rather have it in the middle spot, so everyone can be happy with it.

I definitely plan on giving my future children (should I have any) middle names, preferably two. I love too many names to possibly have enough children to use the all. (I also absolutely adore my combos!) I personally love having two middles as both of them honour my Pakistani heritage and I occasionally go by them, especially online. Should I have children, I will definitely call them by their first and middle names.