No More Advanced Search?

I just now noticed advanced search seems to be gone. No way to search by first three letters, meaning, country of origin, ect. [name_m]Will[/name_m] this return?

Yeah, it’s been down a couple days. I thought it was a glitch.?

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I hope it’s just a glitch and not permanently gone

I think it must be a glitch – it is still present and working for me on both my computer and phone!

I can still use advanced search

I can see it, do you mean you can’t not find it just in general or like it isn’t working for filling out some of the information?

I should share a screenshot hold on

It is like this for me as well and I’m not on a mobile.

This happened to me this morning. I’m looking into it!

Anyone who it is not working for-
What browser and type of device are you on?

i’m on a computer and it works for me! hopefully you get it back soon.

Chrome browser and macbook

Hmmmm @vernorexia did you try shutting everything down, clearing cookies, and signing in again ? I’m not able to reproduce the problem and I wonder if it’s legitimately still not fixed for you. Don’t worry everyone , definitely a glitch and not supposed to be that way!

It works fine for me on my macbook with Chrome…