No more signature?

Its been quite awhile since I’ve been on nameberry, but I have to say that I’m really sad that the signatures were removed. Yes, I remember my top name combos but I had some others in my signature that I was contemplating and now that I am pregnant I can’t remember them to bring up to my husband… is there a way to find that again?

I’m sorry to hear that! But welcome back and congratulations on your pregnancy :partying_face:

Signatures have been replaced by user cards and user pages now, I’m afraid. Signatures are not part of the software we’re using now and the plug-in to add them was complex and would have involved separate updates which could have broken the rest of the forums.

If you ever shared them in the forums, eg. made a topic or poll about them, you might try searching your own past topics (you can do this by clicking on your avatar top right > Activity > Topics) or by doing an advanced search (search icon at the top, select Advanced Search) with any information you remember.

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