Nora or Norah?

See the results of this poll: Which spelling do you prefer?

Respondents: 21 (This poll is closed)

  • Nora : 13 (62%)
  • Norah: 8 (38%)

I like [name]Nora[/name] best. Short and sweet. The H is ok, it just seems unnecessary. With some names it helps you know how to pronounce the a, but with [name]Nora[/name], I don’t think that’s really needed. [name]Just[/name] my preference :slight_smile:

I like [name]Nora[/name] better without the H. A lot of other names I do like with the H better, like [name]Hannah[/name] vs [name]Hanna[/name]. Maybe it’s because I’m more familiar with the spelling [name]Nora[/name], so when I picture the name that’s the spelling I imagine.