Not able to upload a picture

Hi all,

I used to be able to upload pictures to attach to a post (did one a couple of days ago) but now when I try I get this error message:


I’ve tried clearing my cache & logging out and back in but that hasn’t worked, unfortunately. I think it might have something to do with my account?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Sorry to hear this! Let me try it…

Looks like it’s working for me. Let me have a look through the settings…

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Oooh, it hadn’t occurred to me to try upload a random picture rather than the same one over and over again.

The picture I wanted to attach must just be too large/otherwise corrupted.

Sorry about that, and thank you for your help, @katinka!


Haha an excellent choice of reading material :ok_hand:

Only the most highbrow literature in my house :wink:


Can’t go wrong with the classics! :books: :dog: