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Wonder if you can help - we are expecting a baby girl who we plan to name [name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]. However, for numerous reasons, we want her to have 2 middle names and we are really having trouble picking the second middle. We would like it to be biblical, like [name]Ruth[/name]. Any ideas of what would flow nicely? Surname is 1 syllable. Thanks!

I meant to say, I’m [name]Sarah[/name]'s cousin - she’s letting me use her account as she says you’ve all been so helpful advising her the last couple days and I don’t have a computer!

Well, I was going to say [name]Isla[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] was perfect, but it isn’t Biblical, so let’s take another stab at this!

[name]Isla[/name] [name]Magdalen[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Naomi[/name]
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Zipporah[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]

What is the last name?

[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Anneliese[/name] or [name]Annabella[/name] or [name]Annabel[/name] ([name]Anna[/name] is in the bible.)
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Devora[/name]*
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Elisha[/name] (I think [name]Elisha[/name] is pretty for a girl.)*
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Evelyn[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] ([name]Evelyn[/name] has [name]Eve[/name] in it.)*
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Julianna[/name] ([name]Julia[/name] is in the bible.)
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Josephine[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] ([name]Josephine[/name] is the feminine form of [name]Joseph[/name].)*
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Marian[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Naomi[/name]*
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Pauline[/name] ([name]Pauline[/name] is a feminine form of [name]Paul[/name])
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Rebecca[/name]*
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Simona[/name] ([name]Simona[/name] is a feminine form of [name]Simon[/name]) - I know [name]Simeon[/name] is in the Old Testament. But [name]Simon[/name] is in the New Testament.
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Sophia[/name]
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Susannah[/name]

Not sure whether you wanted to include biblical names from the New Testament. I will star the Old Testament names.

I really like the suggestions of [name]Isla[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] and [name]Isla[/name] [name]Naomi[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]

[name]Isla[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] is quite nice. What is your opinion of the name [name]Miriam[/name]? What sort of child do you picture? Now I’m really thinking about it, it is really pretty but I guess I always thought it was a bit fussy?

I’ve only known one little girl named [name]Miriam[/name], and I met her while working in childcare at Vacation Bible School with my old church. She was a very fussy child, with long black curls and dark eyes. A child you would look at…

The name itself doesn’t seem fussy or frilly to me. Rather, it seems like a straightforward alternative to the elegant [name]Marie[/name] or the feminine [name]Maria[/name]. It is interesting without being weird, common without being popular (as in, people have heard of it), and feminine without being flirtatious and over-the-top.

In the Bible, [name]Miriam[/name] is a great character, hiding her baby brother, [name]Moses[/name], amidst the reeds by the river to save him from certain death. She is also a prophetess…

I like the name [name]Miriam[/name] with these picks. However, I would switch the order to be [name]Isla[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] :slight_smile:

[name]Isla[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] is the first name I thought of. Very beautiful.

I, too, first thought of [name]Isla[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]! I think it’s gorgeous. I also really like [name]Isla[/name] [name]Naomi[/name] [name]Ruth[/name].

I love the name [name]Miriam[/name]. [name]Isla[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] [name]Ruth[/name] was the only name listed so far that really stood out to me.

Another vote for [name]Isla[/name] [name]Miriam[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]! I think it’s gorgeous:)

Good [name]Luck[/name]!

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