Old Friend's Kids

I just got back in touch with an old friend from childhood, who has two boys: [name]Ezekiel[/name] ([name]Zeke[/name]) and [name]Solomon[/name]. Not names that I would have been brave enough to use, but I thought they sounded wonderful together! I applaud her bravery in naming her boys such strong, handsome names! I’ve always loved the nickname [name]Saul[/name]/[name]Sol[/name], but never actually considered giving to my son!

I love both of these names. I really like biblical names for boys and these are two you don’t hear of often. [name]Bravo[/name] for her!!!

These are two of my absolute favorite names. I adore them each on their own, and I think the combination is marvelous.

I think [name]Ezekiel[/name] and [name]Solomon[/name] are great together, too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: