Old Music Story

Alright, so I recently found an old story that I want to continue. It’s so weird because even though I had written a few pages worth of the beginning, I still didn’t have a name for the main character.

The character is female and in her early twenties. She’s a famous singer, kind of known as a hippie or a flower girl. She’s way laid back and usually likes to let other people do the work. Doesn’t like to argue or be in fights, always keeps her cool mostly because she doesn’t care all that much about anything but her music. Right now, I’m picturing her as thin and semi-tall with long, brown hair. She carries her acoustic guitar around with her and always ends up strumming it when she’s bored- which is often. I guess just go crazy with styles because I’m not sure what I want for her quite yet. Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

I think she needs a hippy name :slight_smile: or a nature name