Opinions on Carrigan

I’m not sure how I feel yet. My husband actually likes the name (which is suprising).

I love that name. It’s uncommon, but adorable!

It’s different, but it’s not really my type of name, I just don’t like the sound and flow of it.

I love that it’s uncommon. I think as a first name it seems a bit strange but would suit as a middle name paired with a girly first name.

I’ve never heard of it before! Its different and probably not something I’d choose. It doesn’t sound overly girly either but I know that some people prefer that!

I like it!! I love the rhythm of it :slight_smile:

It would grow on me if I knew someone called it but bad associations for now, having been taught by a Mr Carrigan who was a raging drinker. It’s the “gan” part that gets me!

Thanks everyone. I think we may go with it. I’m not concerned about it not being popular (I like that actually), and not overly girly, 2 of my daughters have “unisex” names so that’s cool too. Now I just need to see which spelling I’m going with…the “C” or the “K”

I enjoy the sound of it, but if I heard it pronounced I would assume it was spelled [name_m]Kerrigan[/name_m].

I have a little girl in one of my classes named Karigan. It works well on her

My first thought when looking at it was “cardigan”, which I think inevitably the child would have to deal with. I think it’s sweet but would probably be misread a lot

Omg I thought I was the only one lol. I got Carriage and Cardigan from first thoughts lol.

If we use it, I was explaining to my husband that the [name_m]Kerrigan[/name_m] spelling would be better for this reason. It’s more straight forward.