Opinions on initials spelling OMG

would you not choose this combo if you love the name? My initials spell BAG so I might not be a good judge…

I really don’t think it would be an issue. Middle initials aren’t used often, and I don’t think its a big deal if initials spell something (as long as its not something truly obscene).

not a big deal

I did giggle a bit to be honest, but it’s not a problem whatsoever. I agree that, unless it was something obscene, you shouldn’t worry.


Nothing much to worry about. And who knows, by the time she gets a little older, maybe OMG will have fallen out of use…

I think it is completley fine. [name]Just[/name] play her [name]Usher[/name]'s song for her birthday ;).

There are many worse initials out there, that I can’t invision someone using this as a way to make fun.
Also, any monogrammed things would be OGM.

I agree. I don’t think it is a problem.

thanks all! and good point on OGM for mono…