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What adjectives would you use to describe it, and what would you picture a little girl named [name]Elena[/name] to be like?

What sibling names would you pair it with?


I like it is cute yet something classic about it. I could see it on a little girl and adult.

I picture a sweet and friendly girl with big brown eyes.


[name]Elena[/name] pronounced Eeleyna?

I just want to add that [name]Elena[/name] is a very pretty name!! I see all positive things when I think of the name. It’s feminine and sweet, yet, I can see it working for a professional and ethical attorney. I don’t see her using profanity, and would be good around children. (These are just my impressions of the name.) It would be a nice choice!

Thanks, everyone! What middle names do you like for [name]Elena[/name]

I pronounce it Eh-lay-na.

I love [name]Elena[/name]!

My friend’s mom is called [name]Elena[/name], but she pronounces it [name]Ellen[/name]-uh…

I picture [name]Elena[/name] to be a prim and proper little girl, but she is cheeky and playful. She is giggly and smiles a lot, but she can be serious and stubborn. She is definitely a girl’s girl. I see her with long, honey blond hair in curls with big blue or hazel eyes.