I’ve been watching “Food Network [name]Star[/name]”, and one of the contestants’ names is [name]Orchid[/name] - when I heard it, I thought it was so distinctive and lovely. I adore floral names like [name]Ivy[/name] and [name]Iris[/name], but never thought of this one - what do you think, is [name]Orchid[/name] as nice as I think it is, or too over-the-top?

(I’m sure, though, that if this young lady wins the competition and gets a Food Network show, she’ll become one of those one-name celebrities and the name will probably not be usable - like naming your daughter Beyonc”.)

I had never thought of [name]Orchid[/name] as a name before. But when I saw [name]Orchid[/name] on “The Next Food Network [name]Star[/name],” I thought it was so pretty! :slight_smile: I could see it becoming popular/trendy, though.

I think it is a pretty word. But once you research the meaning of the word it is less attractive as a name. It comes from the Greek ”rkhis and means ”testicle” :shock:

Well, the previous poster gave the perfect reason not to use this name! And while orchids are lovely flowers I think the word is definitely over the top when used as a name. I hate to say it but it gives off a sort of “trashy” vibe to me…

I love orchids, but as a name I think it comes across as kind of harsh. Plus, the ‘orc’ at the beginning makes me think of [name]Lord[/name] of the Rings.

@Bluedahlia - I wouldn’t call that the meaning of the word. If you ask someone what an orchid is, they will tell you it is a flower, not ramble on about a Greek root that the word is long since divorced from. It may be the origin, but not the “meaning”.

I personally wouldn’t use it because I know where the word comes from, but if you don’t have that association I think [name]Orchid[/name] would fit right in with pals [name]Iris[/name] and [name]Juniper[/name].

‘Meaning is perhaps the wrong term’. It is just a matter of if one is interested in the etymology or history of the word. I agree most people have no idea about it. However the orchid was given it’s name because of the long tubular shape of its bulbs (as in looking like testicles).

I love [name]Orchid[/name] but I don’t think I would be brave enough to use it as a first name. I would definitely consider it for the middle. Orchids are my favorite flower. :slight_smile:

Considering almost everyone I know has looked up the origin of their name, I think it would make a girl sad to find out that’s the etymology of her name.

I like the flowers, and they’re very beautiful. My aunt and uncle actually hybridize them and show nationally. However, florals can ride a thin line between pretty and ridiculous. I think some flower names are common enough that most people forget they’re flower names at first. But others are so rare that all you can see is the flower and not the name…and I think flowers are beautiful but in reality they’re flimsy pretty things with little substance. I personally wouldn’t use [name]Orchid[/name], at least not up front.