Our Big Surprise

We welcomed our fifth baby and fourth son two weeks ago. His gender was a surprise but him weighing two pounds heavier than any of our other babies was the biggest surprise we got! Him being 9.3lbs makes him the biggest baby in our family!

[name_m]Caspar[/name_m] Dual [name_u]George[/name_u] is his name. All three of his names are family names. He joins [name_u]Connor[/name_u], [name_u]Emmett[/name_u], [name_m]Ernest[/name_m] and [name_f]Wilhelmina[/name_f] “Willa”.

[name_f]My[/name_f] husband really wanted a C name to match big brother [name_u]Connor[/name_u]. At first he really wanted [name_u]Carlyle[/name_u] but we couldn’t agree on spelling and I really wanted a family name. Eventually he gave into [name_m]Caspar[/name_m] which is big in my family tree back in the old country mostly spelled [name_m]Kaspar[/name_m]. The nickname [name_m]Cas[/name_m] really got him.

Dual was my husband’s grandpa’s name. There is no known story as to why he was given that name but I love it. [name_u]George[/name_u] is another name riddle through my family tree.

We haven’t gotten too many “friendly ghost” comments yet but my husband does want to dress him up as one for Halloween as long as he will let us :sweat_smile:.


[name_m]Casper[/name_m] is such a gorgeous choice! Congratulations!

Congratulations!! :sparkling_heart:

Congratulations!! [name_u]Loving[/name_u] the name!! :snowflake::butterfly::white_heart::heart_eyes:

[name_u]Love[/name_u] his name!! Congratulations to you and your family!! :purple_heart:

[name_u]Welcome[/name_u] to the world [name_m]Caspar[/name_m] Dual [name_u]George[/name_u]!
I love the nickname [name_m]Cas[/name_m]!

I absolutely love the name [name_m]Caspar[/name_m] (especially this spelling) and the nickname [name_m]Cas[/name_m]. Congratulations!

congratulations and welcome caspar! i love his name. this spelling is gorgeous! :yellow_heart:

Congratulations! I love his name :heart:

Congratulations! What a sweet name! [name_u]Welcome[/name_u] to the world, [name_m]Caspar[/name_m] :heart:

Congratulations :heart:

Enjoy every precious moment with your newest addition.


Congratulations! I love your kids’ names, all of them!