"out of line"?

(This is just a question about a name, I’m not planning to use it at the moment but its on my list for a possible in future)

I really like the name [name]Ottoline[/name], and I love some of the historical [name]Ottoline[/name]'s stories out there, but I mentioned the name to a family member the yesterday and she thought it sounded too much like ‘out of line’. Anyone else heard of that mistake?

I never thought it sounded like “out of line” and still don’t think it does. You know family, if they don’t like something they’ll find away to talk you out of it :lol:
I think it depends on if you’re saying it OAT-uh-lien or AWT-uh-lien.

I’d been saying it ‘awt-ah-line’. But saying it more like ‘lien’ would certainly help the issue, I didn’t realize that’s the way you were supposed to pn it!

I would never think to pronounce it like ‘out of line’. As far as I know, it’s primarily used by French speaking people, so I would pronounce it ‘ott-o-LEEN’. Then again, I pronounce both [name]Adeline[/name] and [name]Emmeline[/name] with a -leen ending, while most others use the -line ending. So both could be right.

I would pronounce it oh-tah-LEEN. [name]Don[/name]'t know if that’s the accepted pronounciation or not, but I certainly didn’t get “out of line” from it.

It looks like it would be pronounce “Aht-[name]Ah[/name]-[name]Line[/name]” (long “i”)

And that does sound like “out of line”.

Good rule of thumb, if you have to constantly correct people or instruct them how to pronounce a name, it is probably a bad choice.