Pages turning into insecure McAfee ads


So multiple times in quick succession, I’ve had this happen. I open up a link to a name or a thread in a new tab, and it turns into this.


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I have this issue too, it doesn’t happen that often but it’s really annoying.
[name_m]Just[/name_m] close the tab, it’s fake and it’s a scam.

me too it’s very annoying lol

If I open the “Visit Topic” links in my notification emails, my browser tells me the connection or site is not secure. It just started a few weeks ago!

[name_m]Hi[/name_m]! I’ve been having this problem too, basically every time I try to read lists or articles :frowning:. Any help would be appreciated!

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I will see what we can do about this!

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Hey everyone. I’ve been on the phone with our ad operations people all week about this. There isn’t really any danger to your computers, it’s just a nasty horrible ad that tries to make you think there is so you’ll buy their product. We’ve been trying to capture a complete .har file, if anyone knows what that is, so we can identify where the ad is coming from. If anyone knows how to do this, please try! The inspection program needs to be already running when the ad pops up.

In any case, we have been working for days to get rid of this. We’ve banned all the associated urls and shut down some ad networks and added this site to a special block list. For a while I didn’t see it and then today and yesterday it started popping up again.

I’m really sorry, I know it’s a total pain even if it’s not dangerous. If we can’t figure it out in the next few days, we’ll shut down all the ads and then restart the networks one by one so we can track the culprit. But this will be devastating for us financially so we’d rather try to fix it before it comes to that.

Please keep me updated on your experiences and if anyone knows how to capture and download a .har file that will help us track and capture this bugger, I would be so happy!



Update: I also called out McAfee on social media about these underhanded damaging business practices and messaged their CEO, who I will call tomorrow. What a horrible way to do business and definitely makes me think poorly of McAfee.


Thank you for all of your work with this! I hope that you’re able to get to the bottom of it soon.

Thank you for working on this! I’m glad to know there’s no actual danger to the ad, because I’ve also been having this issue recently and was worried about it!

Thanks, everyone. Our ad partner just implemented another level of protection. The plan is to watch it for a day or two and see if this fixes things and if not, continue to escalate. If you could all let me know if you see the horrible ad again, I would much appreciate it. Thank you!!

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I just saw the ad again. I can’t figure out how to access a .har file in Safari though. But I found instructions for how to do so in Chrome, if anyone wants to open a bunch of links there and brute force getting it.

Edit: these are the instructions I found if anyone is on Chrome and sees that ad: Generating a HAR file for troubleshooting – Zendesk help

Checking in here to see whether anyone has seen the offending ad.