Recently discovered this Iranian/Persian name meaning ‘like a fairy’ and I think it’s gorgeous, just wondering what the 'berries think of it, and what middle names you would put with it, at the moment I’m liking [name]Parisa[/name] [name]Noemi[/name],

looking forward to your replies :slight_smile:

  • [name]Elena[/name]

Sorry no likey this one?! [name]Imo[/name] it sounds like a made up name as though someone added an “a” to paris to make it sound more unique.
[name]Love[/name] the meaning though

I’ve heard of it before. I think it’s nice, and the origin and meaning are lovely. I like it! :slight_smile:

Would you pronounce to rhyme with [name]Marisa[/name], or like [name]Paris[/name]-uh? Or pa-[name]REESE[/name]-uh?

I’m going with Pa-[name]REE[/name]-sa, not sure if that’s right though?

I’m always the last to assume “made-up”. It’s Persian, so I practically had to like it.

The more surprising thing is that, in this context, I actually like [name]Noemi[/name].