What do you guys think about the name [name]Parley[/name]? And what gender would you associate it with? What middle name would you pair it with?

I think it fits in with all the [name]Paisley[/name], [name]Arley[/name], [name]Harley[/name], [name]Marley[/name], [name]Carly[/name]'s of the world but still feels unique, especially for a little girl (though I know it’s traditionally a boys name) or is it too similar to [name]Barley[/name] and Parsley? This is all purely hypothetical so you’re welcome to be completely honest just wondered what you all thought :slight_smile:

Is this actually a name? I think it is a conference of enemies, no?

I initially thought of the boys name [name]Farley[/name] when I saw it, so it does seem more boyish to me. I am not a fan of [name]Harley[/name]/[name]Marley[/name]/[name]Farley[/name], so I am not sure I am a fan of [name]Parley[/name], either. I do like [name]Carly[/name], however! The name [name]Parley[/name] is growing on me, actually.

Ha :smiley: yes it’s really a name

Yes, I searched on Nameberry and discovered my ignorance. But it still reminds me of Pirates of the Carribean! :smiley:

I love that movie! I hadn’t thought of that before :slight_smile:

I still don’t see how it’s a name. Like Phoebesmom said, it’s a conference of enemies. Plus it reminds me of parsley.

Yeah, it is pronounced slightly differently, I think in the movie they say ‘par-lay’ while the name is pronounced ‘[name]Par[/name]-lee’ but I’m sure if people didn’t know they would mispronounce it.
And the similarity to Parsley occurred to me, but I don’t know if that’s really a bad thing? I mean we use [name]Sage[/name], [name]Rosemary[/name], Coriander, [name]Ginger[/name], and [name]Clover[/name], I don’t know maybe it’s too similar to the herb name without actually being an herb?

I know a guy with the last name of [name]Parley[/name], so I think of it as a male name. He’s an athlete, so most people call him by his last name. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either.

[name]Parley[/name]'s a fairly common name in areas with a high LDS population (i.e. [name]Utah[/name], Idaho, etc), after early Mormon leader [name]Parley[/name] P. [name]Pratt[/name].

I have family in that area, that’s what got me thinking about the name :wink:

As poster above noted, for some this name is Mormon. I’m not a fan of Mormon names (my luxury and prerogative as a born Mormon), so I wouldn’t advise using it. If, however, it gains some acceptance outside of Mormon circles – nah – I still wouldn’t use it. That could just be me. Not a big fan of [name]Parley[/name] P. [name]Pratt[/name].

[name]Just[/name] a side note, major canyon that is way out of Salt [name]Lake[/name] heading east is [name]Parley[/name]'s after person above. Being named for a pretty canyon is not so bad.

[name]Parley[/name] is absolutely a boy’s name, as it has appeared on the U.S. Social Security Administration’s annual name popularity lists as a boy’s name almost yearly from 1880 to 2009. Although, it’s also a rare name, with only a couple dozen (or less) occurrences on the SSA list for any given year.

The name is of English derivation, possibly taken from towns of [name]East[/name] and [name]West[/name] [name]Parley[/name] on the Hants-[name]Dorset[/name] borders, north of Bournemouth, from the Old English pere + leah (“pear wood” or “pear clearing”).

Alternately, the name may be derived from Old French, parlier, meaning “to speak” and indicating a talkative person (or parents’ wish for their son to grow up to be a great speaker).

– [name]Nephele[/name]