Picking When A Character Dies

There’s no good way or time to explain the full fantasy story I’m working on, so the summary of it that concerns this post is:

A Seer informs a wicked king of all the movements of the heroes. One of them is a girl with the ability to manipulate fate itself, who then unravels the threads of fate of each hero to prevent their futures and actions being relayed, literally holding everyone’s fates in her hands. In the midst of this war, this all (which includes a lot more I can’t get into right now) becomes too much for her, and she has a breakdown. The question is, does the Seer’s death trigger this breakdown when the heroine literally can’t let go, or do they take advantage of her lapse and spark a new stage of the war?

  • Dies and causes the Breakdown
  • Dies after the Breakdown and prospers
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