Please help with this SIBSET!!! URGENT!

Here are the names of four siblings:::
The first three are girls, the last is unknown (future child) :

[name]Taylor[/name] [name]Renee[/name] (9)

[name]Peyton[/name] [name]Mckenna[/name] (6)

[name]Lennox[/name] ([name]Lyn[/name]-ix) nn [name]Lexi[/name] [name]Pilar[/name] (2)

(help with first name) [name]Eagle[/name]

I need a name for the fourth, gender unknown!

Also, the parents have a theme that they are trying to stick to. All of the girls names are six letters with an ‘o’ for the fifth letter. [name]Maddox[/name] was the only thing I could think of, but it is too similar to [name]Lennox[/name]. Help with BOYS OR GIRLS NAMES that are SIX letters with an O for the fifth letter? Also, [name]Eagle[/name] is a MUST for the middle name. Surname [name]Hamilton[/name]! Thanks so much!

FUN challenge! Here are some that meet your criteria. Many probably won’t be their style, but it only takes one! Diclaimer: Some of these spellings may not be legit, so double-check them. Also, I didn’t say them out loud with the middle nor the last name so some may not work.


I’ll try not to post any repeats…