Please tell me it won't ever be in the top

I’ve recently fallen in love with the name [name]Lux[/name]. I heard it awhile ago but then noticed it on the list of names used 25 times or less which made it even more appealing to me. So it’s now in my top 3. But someone told me yesterday that [name]Lux[/name] is going to keep climbing the charts, especially since it’s being used on TV. I don’t remember the name of the show she told me…she also said that it’s been used for the main character in a recent TV Movie. This bums me out. What do you think?

[name]Lux[/name] was the name of a character in The Virgin Suicides, a book by [name]Jeffrey[/name] Eugenides which was made into a movie by [name]Sofia[/name] Coppola – several years old now. I think [name]Lux[/name] was the [name]Kirsten[/name] Dunst character. Definitely not overexposed though you should know that the character (and all her sisters) commit suicide. But I do love the name!