See the results of this poll: Which name do you like best, please select on for a girl and one for a boy

Respondents: 77 (This poll is closed)

  • Sawyer (F): 2 (3%)
  • Marlow (F): 5 (6%)
  • Ellery (F): 14 (18%)
  • Blake (F): 7 (9%)
  • Paige (F): 10 (13%)
  • Jameson (M): 8 (10%)
  • Roman (M): 11 (14%)
  • Carson (M): 3 (4%)
  • John-James (M): 0 (0%)
  • Henry (M): 17 (22%)

[name]Sawyer[/name] (F): With [name]Parker[/name]'s same er ending, I think some of the others sound less matchy.

[name]Marlow[/name] (F): With [name]Parker[/name]'s same beginning sound and your last names O ending, I think some of the others work better. (I do think it’s a great name!)

[name]Ellery[/name] (F): I think it sounds a lot more feminine than [name]Parker[/name], causing [name]Parker[/name] and [name]Ellery[/name] to be mistaken for a boy/girl set, but if this isn’t an issue for you, I think it’s a very pretty name. :slight_smile:

[name]Blake[/name] (F): I think it works really well with [name]Parker[/name]…

[name]Paige[/name] (F): I can better picture another surname with [name]Parker[/name]…

[name]Jameson[/name] (M): I love it with [name]Parker[/name]!

[name]Roman[/name] (M): I think it’s very handsome, but I like [name]Parker[/name] and [name]Jameson[/name] better than [name]Parker[/name] and [name]Roman[/name].

[name]Carson[/name] (M): It sounds matchy to me with [name]Parker[/name] because their beginning sounds rhyme, but I think the style is great with [name]Parker[/name]. (I’m still loving [name]Jameson[/name], though.) :slight_smile:

[name]John[/name]-[name]James[/name] (M): I love both names, but not as a hyphenated first name. (I can also better see a surname paired with [name]Parker[/name].)

[name]Henry[/name] (M): I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Henry[/name], but can better see a modern sounding surname with [name]Parker[/name].

Taking [name]Parker[/name] and your last name into account, I think [name]Blake[/name] is my favorite from your girls’ list (tied with [name]Ellery[/name], actually), and [name]Jameson[/name] is my favorite from your boys’ list.

I nearly voted without reading your first post (I was being lazy)
:-), and thought I’d suggest including [name]Parker[/name]'s name in the poll (something like, “Which name do you like best for [name]Parker[/name]'s brother or sister?”) in case other people also skip the first post.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Jameson[/name] for a boy. [name]Ellery[/name] for a girl.

[name]Blake[/name] would be my second choice for a girl. I have no second choice for a boy - [name]Jameson[/name] is hands down the best.

What’s [name]Parker[/name]'s middle name?

[name]Paige[/name] is my third choice for a girl, although could be too matchy matchy with [name]Parker[/name] with the Ps.

It was hard for me to choose between [name]Sawyer[/name] and [name]Marlow[/name]. I really like both names and the style of both work perfectly with [name]Parker[/name]. I ended up not voting for [name]Sawyer[/name] because of the -er ending and I tried saying them out loud a few times and got a little tongue-tied. [name]Parker[/name] and [name]Marlow[/name] also have the “ar” sound in the beginning which is a subtle similarity that I think kind of gives them a nice connection. Sorry, I don’t know if that made sense. Either way, I like them both.

[name]Jameson[/name] is by far my favorite for the boys. It works beautifully with [name]Parker[/name] and I don’t think any of the others do. Incidentally, there was an indie rock band called JamisonParker who were pretty good. If you end up having a son named [name]Jameson[/name], you should totally get their CD. :slight_smile:

[name]Jameson[/name] and [name]Ellery[/name]

[name]Sawyer[/name] was too matchy with [name]Parker[/name], [name]Marlow[/name] is nms, [name]Blake[/name] is my second choice, [name]Paige[/name] was far too feminine next to [name]Parker[/name] imo =)

[name]Jameson[/name] was my favorite hands down from you boys names (I love it!). [name]Roman[/name] is a guilty pleasure of mine, I wasnt a fan of any of the others.

I voted for [name]Paige[/name] and [name]Carson[/name]. But now that I read your post, I think [name]Roman[/name] would be better with your very Italian last name! I love it - it is a classic name for a boy. [name]Paige[/name] goes great with any last name, and goes nicely with [name]Parker[/name].

I have an [name]Ellery[/name]. [name]Even[/name] though it is a very feminine sounding name, it is actually traditionally a masculine name. I think it fits well with [name]Parker[/name].

For a girl, I think [name]Ellery[/name] goes best with [name]Parker[/name]. [name]Paige[/name] would be a very close second! I voted for [name]Jameson[/name] if it’s a boy.

Good luck! :slight_smile: