Pls help! Eliana, Elianna or something else?

[name]Hi[/name] Berries! I would love your opinions for my baby girl due in [name]May[/name]. Husband is not really giving me any input, so…
I have 2 boys, [name]Nolan[/name] and [name]Liam[/name]. I was really wanting something very feminine after 2 boys! Not sure on a mn yet. I’m really liking [name]Eliana[/name] “[name]Elle[/name]-ee-ah-na” (nn [name]Ellie[/name]) right now but I’m worried she’ll constantly be correcting people on the pronounciation, so that’s why I was thinking of just making it [name]Elianna[/name] “[name]Elle[/name]-ee-an-na” so it’s obvious, although I know she’ll have to spell it for everyone. I like either pronounciation, some of my other name choices were:

[name]Ainsley[/name] (I feel like it might get too popular)

Or any other suggestions are welcome :wink: My last name is [name]German[/name] with one syllable and sounds like “falls”

Thanks so much for your input! I value your opinions!


[name]Eliana[/name] is beautiful. I know a little [name]Eliana[/name], and most people seem to nail the correct pronunciation right away. Perhaps other -ana/-anna names, like [name]Juliana[/name]/[name]Julianna[/name] or [name]Liliana[/name]/[name]Lilianna[/name], have taught people to catch the difference? I think you could pick whichever spelling and pronunication you want, and be confident that it won’t be hard for her to live with.

I far prefer [name]Eliana[/name] over your other choices. I think you’re right about [name]Ainsley[/name], too. I feel like I see some spelling of [name]Ainsley[/name] time and time again in my local [name]BAs[/name]. It won’t surprise me a bit if it climbs way up the charts.

Of the names you listed, [name]Eliana[/name].
With your other two, [name]Nolan[/name] and [name]Liam[/name], [name]Eliana[/name].

[name]Eliana[/name] “Falls” is beautiful. I also like the number sequence; [name]Liam[/name] has 4, [name]Nolan[/name] has 5, [name]Eliana[/name] has 6.
If you really don’t want [name]Eliana[/name], then I’d go with [name]Adeline[/name].

I preferred [name]Eliana[/name] to [name]Elliana[/name] but named my daughter [name]Elliana[/name] to avoid the confusion of people saying EE-lee-ah-na, which some still do. Plus I wanted it to easily shorten to [name]Ellie[/name]. Most of the time we don’t have a problem but a lot of people who also speak Spanish automatically go to [name]Iliana[/name]'s pronunciation. It’s a great name though and I have no regrets…wish naming this one was as easy :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your opinions! I’m really starting to favor the name, and the meaning “God answers our prayers” or something close to that depending on where you look sells me even more!


[name]Eliana[/name] is pretty & very feminine! The only other name that’s slightly close to [name]Eliana[/name] is [name]Elaine[/name].

[name]Eliana[/name] is at the top of my girls’ names list too. I read somewhere (maybe that the meaning of “God has answered” is from the ‘[name]Eliana[/name]’ spelling. If you add an L and/or an A, the meaning changes to “light & grace”. In other words, changes to the meanings of [name]Eleanor[/name] (or whatever [name]Ellie[/name] name was shortened) and [name]Anna[/name]. I.e. it is regarded as two names smoothed together rather than a name in its own right. If you are not a name purist, or an etymologist, than this probably doesn’t matter. :slight_smile: either way, I really like the name!

I think it’s very nice in the [name]Eliana[/name] spelling. Any change from that isn’t really my taste. I also like [name]Adeline[/name] from your list.

[name]Don[/name]'t forget [name]Elena[/name].

[name]Eliana[/name] is so pretty! Congratulations!

My oldest has an [name]Elianna[/name] in his class and she goes by [name]Ella[/name].

[name]Eliana[/name] is a beautiful name:)

[name]How[/name] about [name]Eliora[/name]