Poll Poster cited with Poll Title?

Is there a way to post who created each thread, and perhaps the date and time, along with the title on the message boards? Each title lists the most recent time and poster to the thread, but not the original data. It would be easier to track which threads are which if we had the poster’s name and date!

[name]Just[/name] an idea!

I would also like to see the originator of the thread. Some thread titles just aren’t “grabbing” so I forget where I was sometimes. Also if we know when the thread was started, it’s better to see before if it’s stale and maybe someone bumped a year-old thread, where that person would have had their baby by now, and likely has related threads to their quest.

Also to bring up another thread I made about profiles, if we could click on someone’s name, we could search on threads they started in some system of chronology (ascending or descending). I do this on other forums, and I think you are using the same basic format to implement this. That way, if someone has abandoned their first thread and moved on to refine their choices in another thread or updates or “starting from scratch,” we can find the latest thread from that person instead of responding in a dead thread that got bumped to the top. We can also read the older threads to get a background on some information that wasn’t carried to the newer threads, you know, catch up on the whole story as it may be assumed we’d been following from the beginning, so as not to repeat discarded advice, or make suggestions that disregard some other personal circumstances. Sometimes posters make several threads and it’s easy to forget this is the same person who already has these children who was looking for a certain kind of name, and they shouldn’t have to repeat themselves and provide a synopsis just to keep everyone’s story straight. There are so many people posting now, and it takes time to make a recognizable impression.


I, too, think that indicating the original poster of each thread would be a very good idea, and very helpful, especially as a lot of thread titles are very ambiguous, e.g. ‘Final few names’, or ‘My baby girl arrived’.

I would REALLY like it if they did that! I posted something with the same names as another thread! And I accidentally edited their post!

This is a great suggestion!

I’m so glad to see that this has been acted upon!

That is a great idea, and I’m so glad it got through!! I have often wanted to see the person who created a thread, but I didn’t even think of asking (silly me). :slight_smile:

[name]EDIT[/name]: It has already proved useful in making updates on a poster’s situation easier to find!!

This was a great suggestion, and I was so excited to see this feature today!!!

Thanks, Nameberry! :slight_smile:

Thank you for adding this - it really makes a difference with regards to remembering which question goes with which thread.


This is a fabulous idea! I was thinking about how useful having a “profile” for each poster would be. Maybe we could add a little info but also see where we have posted lately would be great. It’s hard to keep track sometimes!