Poll voters not showing up

Recently, when I’ve been making polls and selecting the show who voted option, it doesn’t actually show me who voted. I’m not sure if this is a nameberry issue or if somethings wrong with my phone. I took some screenshots:

This is what the polls look like when I check the results.

This is what it looks like when I click the triangle to try and see who voted.

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And it suddenly half fixed itself, the poll name pop up still shows up if I click the triangle to see more voters:

The triangle that will show the voters I think represents the people who have voted since you’ve been looking at the poll. [name_f]Do[/name_f] you put your polls on “results on vote”? The “poll_name” thing happens to me when I put it on that setting; if you vote it goes away, I think.

But this could very easily be entirely wrong, so please don’t take my advice too seriously :joy:

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@BookSneakersMovie might be right: if you select: “results on vote”, maybe you will only be able to see who has voted if you yourself vote?

Does voting yourself help @MagnoliaE?

I tried it a bit earlier but I wasn’t able to check since nobody voted afterwards. I’ll check again rn (wow I make no sense give me a minute :sweat_smile:)

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It still had the triangle again but when I clicked it the poll_name popup didn’t show. I had to try and load it a few times but it worked! @BookSneakersMovie was probably right in that it was the setting.

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Hopefully! Keep me posted🤞