Posts going unseen

No one is seeing and replying to my posts :frowning: feeling a bit discouraged and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.

I can see your posts. These are your most recent ones when I go onto your profile:

I hope you get the feedback you need!
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I can see your posts too!
If you aren’t getting as many replies as you want, maybe try being a bit more specific in your posts? For example Willamina nn: Willabee🐝 was slightly confusing for me because I wasn’t sure exactly what you wanted me to comment on. [name_m]Just[/name_m] general opinions, other nickname options, spelling preferences, aesthetic description? I ended up getting distracted and not replying to your post (I will now <3) You could ask a couple specific questions you’d like answered and let the berries know what you are looking for them to do, even if it is just a quick, “what do you think about this name and how would it work with the other girl names in my UC,” or “Which spelling do you prefer and why?”

This might give people a bit more criteria and make them more likely to respond in answer to your questions.

Sorry if you are feeling discouraged! I hope that your answers will be satisfied and have a great day!


Thank you!! This actually really helped, now I understand better and feeling a little less discouraged :yellow_heart:

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