Pregnancy with IUD?

I’m just wondering if anyone knows of anyone that this has happened to. I have the [name_f]Mirena[/name_f] IUD, and I’m feeling a little paranoid right now. I haven’t had my period in a while, and my breasts have been very sore recently… But, I should tell you that my cycle has always been VERY irregular, so not having it for a while isn’t that surprising. The first few months after I had the IUD inserted I was spotting basically continuously, so I knew I wasn’t pregnant then, but it stopped after a while and I haven’t had anything since then.

I should also tell you that I [name_m]WAY[/name_m] overthink things sometimes. I used to get all paranoid about being pregnant even before I was having sex! I would have a dream that I was pregnant or something and then worry about it in the back of my mind (even though I KNEW there was no chance). But I am sexually active this time, so I can’t 100% talk myself out of worrying about it.

I think the soreness is what is making me worry the most, because I’ve never really experienced anything like it before and that’s one symptom of pregnancy that I’ve heard a lot of people experience. I also feel like I’ve been putting on weight recently, and this was an explanation that my brain came up with.

Anyway, I know IUDs are supposed to be one of the most effective forms of birth control, I’m just curious if anyone has ever had any surprises with it? I might take a test soon just to ease my mind. Sorry this post is kind of rambling, I’m just a little panicked. Thanks!

I didn’t have the [name_f]Mirena[/name_f] long enough to go through a full cycle, but I was paranoid too about getting pregnant with it in place. I don’t think it’s terribly likely to happen, though.

Have you taken a pregnancy test?

Not yet. I know that it isn’t super likely, so I would feel really silly taking it… I might take one soon just so I can fully talk myself out of worrying about it though!

I have never had a [name_f]Mirena[/name_f] IUD, however you should take a pregnancy test to ease your mind. It’s not silly to be worried about something, and I think that taking the test will give you peace in your mind.

Take a pregnancy test! I got pregnant with an IUD (it was the copper kind, though, not [name_f]Mirena[/name_f]). Because the IUD prevented implantation in the uterus (again, the copper IUD), it was ectopic. I didn’t have a clue I was pregnant, and my tube ruptured and I went into shock and had to have emergency surgery. Very scary. I was lucky that it didn’t get infected, so I was able to go on to have more children (I can’t do hormonal birth control, so we were using the copper IUD as temp birth control – I didn’t have a great OB/GYN). Anyway, I know [name_f]Mirena[/name_f] works differently, but I would definitely take a pregnancy test to put your mind at ease.

My sister-in-law’s youngest boy is the result of an IUD failure. I wouldn’t rely on one myself after hearing that story (although I don’t think she was using the hormonal kind, which I imagine is more reliable)! If I were you I would go out and buy a test ASAP! The NHS site says that breast tenderness can actually be a side-effect of a hormonal coil, though, so it could well be that, or any number of things, so try not to freak out.

I had wondered about it being a side effect, I know I’ve read that weight gain can be. I think I’ll take a test just to be sure, but I’m panicking less now. Thanks!

The chances are incredibly slim, but no form of birth control is 100% perfect. IUDs do have a much better effectiveness, though - check out this recent article from the NY Times. Always test if you’re worried, though.

I know a lot of people get worried about IUDs more than other BC options for some reason, but after my baby arrives I am absolutely getting another one - just can’t decide on another Paragard(had one for 5 years, no problems) or a [name_f]Mirena[/name_f]. Tons of people I know have and love them, and have never had any issues.

False alarm. Thanks everyone for being so nice about this. I knew the odds were REALLY low but I just thinking…

Moonkai I know that I worry about it more than I might with other kinds of birth control just because there can be complications if you do manage to get pregnant with it in. Someone earlier mentioned ectopic pregnancy, and I know if you do get pregnant with it in they usually want to try to take it out, and that can cause a miscarriage. I have loved having an IUD, but I just stress out about things! I’m thinking next time I will try the Paragard instead though. I went with the [name_f]Mirena[/name_f] because my doctor said that it might make my cycle more regular because of the hormonal stuff, and that the copper IUDs can sometimes make you cramp more or something, but they don’t have the hormones that are causing my symptoms! Which haven’t really been that bad, but it’s annoying enough that I would be willing to try the copper kind.

I did have more cramping the first few months with my Paragard, but it subsided to normal by the 6th month. I will most likely get another Paragard as well, because I weirdly like the reassurance of getting my period every month, and I had no trouble getting pregnant after taking it out. I assume not having any hormones to flush out of my body had at least a little to do with that.

I also suspect that the incidence of ectopic pregnancy is the same for everyone, just that an IUD is not as good at preventing them as it is at preventing normal pregnancy, but it is still better at preventing pregnancy, including ectopic ones, overall than other forms of BC.

[name_m]Case[/name_m] in point, my sister was on the pill when she got pregnant with all 3 of her kids

I’ve never had an IUD but I discussed it with my midwife and she pointed out that the risk of getting pregnant with an IUD is a lot lower then other forms of birth control so that concerns about IF I got pregnant wasn’t a good concern. We still ended up not going with it though since it wasn’t covered by our insurance at that point and the cost to have it put in was quite high.

[name_m]Hi[/name_m], sorry no experience with being pregnant with IUD in but I currently have the Kyleena coil in at the moment but will be having it removed next year to try for baby 3. The mirena coil does contain the highest amount of synthetic hormones which has been known to cause weight gain. When you say soreness are talking about soreness down there or just specifically breast soreness?
When you are due on, even with a coil inserted, you can still get PMT symptoms. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t know about you but I always get tender breasts when I am due on my period. With my kyleena coil. I pretty much don’t have any periods. But I know when i would be having my ‘period’ as I’d still get all the period signs like sore boobs and moody etc.