Question about c-section

Has anyone on here had a c-section before? I was told that I will have to have one and I’m a bit relieved that I won’t have to push but I am also scared of surgeries.

I haven’t but know several people who have and they were all happy with them. They were emergency c-sections not planned ones except one (second baby so had to be a section since first baby was). Recoveries varied though.

I’ve had a c-section, I didn’t want to because we want a big family and it compromises your uterus but my baby was breech. It isn’t anything to be scared of. I was really freaked out about the spinal but the nurse told me that it wouldn’t hurt anymore than an IV and she was right, it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. The weird thing though is that all of the skin around my scar is numb and hasn’t recovered any feeling, this was something no one told me about. It is the stangest thing because sometimes it will feel itchy but if I try to scratch it I can’t feel the scratching. After the surgery the first couple days it is bit challenging to get out of bed but they give you pain meds if you need them and by day 3 when I was d/c’d you are ready to go home, your up and moving around without pain meds. During the first six weeks after it would start to hurt a bit if I did too much but then I would just sit down and rest a bit and any pain I was feeling would go away. After the first six weeks you are completely healed and don’t have any pain or limitations from it. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you! And don’t be frightened it really isn’t a bad thing to go through!

I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to add another c-section question… do you have to be awake or can you be knocked out?

I am scheduled for my third C-section early [name]May[/name]. My first was an emergency and since than my [name]Doctor[/name] has recommended I continue with them. There are many pros and cons to this surgery but the biggest pro for me is it is best for my situation and baby so that trumps all.
As someone posted above the spinal it is not as bad as expected. You have to curve your back when they insert it, it leaves you feeling quite vulnerable but is a quick bit of pain than total numbness. I was awake for my c-section. They put a larger cover between you and the “scene” so you can only hear and imagine what’s going on. Before the cut, they poked me a couple times and got my verification that I could feel no pain. This put me at ease. When they cut you almost feel like a zipper is being unzipped on you, no pain, just odd sensation. There is a bit of tugging, your body might be moved a bit. My husband was there and at the time I joked to him that I wanted to yell out “[name]FREEDOM[/name]!!”- it felt like I was right out of the last scene from Braveheart, lying there :).
Afterwards, you will probably be wheeled into recovery where a nurse will keep an eye on you for an hour or so. I did get nauseous, but once I could wiggle my toes they moved me into my room where I could see my sweet baby.
The first few days are so painful, (at least for me) You have quite a feel gas bubbles that might push on your incision and it does hurt like a mother to sit up or walk those first few days. After day 4 I was moving around quite well, I just tired out easily.[name]One[/name] last thing I wasn’t prepared for was the pain of urinating after the catheter was taken out. They can bruise your bladder so you might feel some tenderness when relieving. I have had two c-sections in the past and have healed 100% both times. I hope 3x a charm!! I wish you luck on yours!!! I hope all this info helps :slight_smile:

You do have to be awake for it. They won’t give you general anesthetic unless it is an emergency or you have something that would make a spinal problematic, like a rod in your back. [name]General[/name] can effect the baby if they don’t get it out quickly. It really isn’t scary though.