Question about searches

I was searching for names that mean wolf recently on here. Then tonight I stumbled on [name_m]Aatu[/name_m] while looking at similar names to [name_m]Lian[/name_m] (m). I was absolutely shocked when I saw it said its meaning is noble wolf.

Why didn’t this come up when searching for names with wolf in the meaning? How many other names are missing in searches because of something like what is going on with this one?

How do we fix this for future searches?

What I got when searching for names meaning wolf...



Hi Shelly,
Great question and thanks for pointing that out!

Aatu was entered into the Nameberry database as a variation of Adolph (which it is!), and was not given its own meaning entry. Therefore on the page it displays the same meaning carried over from the page of Adolph, “noble wolf”, but because it didn’t have its own meaning entry when the name was added to the database, it did not show up on the advanced search by meaning software.

Pam just added the meaning for Aatu last night and it does show up in that search now, but unfortunately there are surely other names in the same boat. Nowadays we always manually put an origin and meaning for every new name entry, but there are so so many older name entries on here and it is a long-time, ongoing project the team is working on of filling in the blank origin and meaning slots. Please continue to bring any glitches like this to our attention so we can fix them!

Hope this made sense, and let me know if you have any other questions!


It did. I’ll keep my eyes open for any more as I know I’ve come across this in the past and didn’t think anything of it at the time.


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