Quinn Fabray / Diana Agron

So, I don’t even know whether I’m going to follow through with this idea, but I had a story in mind that’s a fusion of Glee and real life, specifically when it comes to Naya Rivera. It’s like a reboot of the show, and an almost biographical imagining of what could’ve been had we not lost her.

The three characters that would be featured most prominently would be based on the Unholy Trinity and their respective actors; Santana Lopez and Naya Rivera, Britney S. Pierce and Hannah Morris, and Quinn Fabray and Diana Agron.
The other two will be called Naya Lopez and Valerie Horace (a little on the nose I know), but I’m a little indecisive about what to call the Quinn/Diana character. Thoughts?

  • Quinn Garon
  • Diana Fray
  • Agnes Quinlan
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