Quinn - still a boys name!?

Is [name]Quinn[/name] still a boys name? Or since it is being used for girls will that make it a girls name? My husband and I like [name]Quinn[/name] [name]Michael[/name] for our boy. What do you think?

I personally love [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy. I have never met a girl [name]Quinn[/name]. It does make me hesitate a bit, but I don’t think it will be like [name]Madison[/name] or other such names. I think you could safely use it. [name]Quinn[/name] [name]Michael[/name] is a great name!

I love [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy and hate it on a girl. I’ve never met a girl [name]Quinn[/name] and the only girl [name]Quinn[/name] I can think of is from the TV show Glee.

[name]Quinn[/name] is very handsome and [name]Quinn[/name] [name]Michael[/name] is great!

[name]Quinn[/name] isn’t a boys name, and it’s not girls name. It’s unisex, used in roughly equal proportion for either gender. [name]Love[/name] the combo [name]Quinn[/name] [name]Michael[/name], by the way.

You needn’t worry. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s a difference between a unisex name ([name]Riley[/name], [name]Skyler[/name], [name]Quinn[/name], [name]Jordan[/name]) and a name that goes to the girl’s side overnight ([name]Madison[/name], [name]Addison[/name], [name]Emery[/name], [name]Avery[/name].)

So, don’t panic. :slight_smile:

It may not be distinctly masculine anymore but it is definitely still masculine! [name]Quinn[/name] [name]Michael[/name] is a lovely name and definitely fit for a boy :slight_smile:

[name]Quinn[/name] is absolutely a boys name. First of all, there are names that have been used for both sexes over the years and still wear well for boys. [name]Quinn[/name] is one of those names. Though I see it as a boys name and would never use it for a girl, it can probably be best viewed as a unisex name. That doesn’t make it unusable for boys. It makes it unisex. I don’t think people should panic and stop using a name just because some girls have also adopted it. That’s just a waste of a good name. [name]Quinn[/name] is on my boys list, too, and I have no compunction over using it.

So in other words, use it!

I really like [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy. I like it well enough for a girl, too, and I don’t think either sex can claim ownership of the name. It’s one of the best unisex names, imo.

[name]Quinn[/name] [name]Michael[/name] is very handsome.

[name]Quinn[/name] for girls:
2010: 253
2009: 487
2008: 517

[name]Quinn[/name] for boys:
2010: 276
2009: 259
2008: 280

[name]Quinn[/name] definitely appears to be in similar range of popularity for both sexes, but on a marked upward trend for girls.

I think [name]Quinn[/name] is still definitely usable for a boy! I used to see it strictly as a boys’ name but it seems more unisex to me now. I think [name]Quinn[/name] [name]Michael[/name] is very handsome.

[name]Quinn[/name] is definitely usable on a boy, and I think [name]Quinn[/name] [name]Michael[/name] is great. Personally, I prefer it on a girl, but I do think it sounds great on a boy.