REAL pregnancy symptoms from REAL moms

Heys moms!! Id love to know each of your early pregnancy symptoms… [name]Ive[/name] read lots online, in books, and of course, just the common knowledge stuff, but Id love some insight on different, strange/unique pregnancy symptoms you had! Especailly very early on symptom! Thanks all:)

[name]Every[/name] one of my pregnancies has been different. With my oldest, I was EXTREMELY fatigued all the time. I had to take 3 to 4 naps a day or I was really grumpy.

My second pregnancy was interesting…I got nosebleeds. I’d be driving down the road and I’d get one, very frustrating. I also had this metallic taste in my mouth that would not go away for the first six weeks or so. It was like chewing on aluminum foil. Gross!

With my daughter, Livi, I never really noticed anything out of the ordinary, but this pregnancy I had really bad charley horses early on and then my nose became swollen…there’s an old wife’s tale that this is a sign of a girl. I don’t know if its true or not, although MY ultrasound says I’m having a girl. I do know, however, that I look like I was punched awhile back. :frowning:

I hiccupped at least once every half hour throughout my ENTIRE first pregnancy. It was super annoying. They were loud and powerful and sometimes they hurt. Also, in the begining I had soooo many food aversions. Meat of any kind turned my stomach, the smell and taste. Cheesecake and Chocolate cake also repulsed me. All I could eat for the first part was Bananas and Potatoes.

For me, a couple of the very first symptoms were a very heightened sense of smell (in hindsight why I was so uncomfortable on bus rides in the hot late fall weather on my way to and from work) and, one I don’t see discussed too much, but I do certainly remember it being quite distinct: I had dull, local pains in my vagina like little, swollen knots and sometimes the overall feeling like my gentials were swelling up like a balloon. Apparently it’s just veins getting ‘over full’ in anticipation of carrying the baby and nothing to worry about, but for me it was certainly a signal that something was a little amiss.

I knew I was PG within days of conceiving, but had to wait two weeks to confirm it with a HPT… Those were the longest two weeks of my life!! ([name]Even[/name] longer than the week I spent overdue with my darling babe :wink:

I had major insomnia. [name]Every[/name] morning at 2am I was wide awake. I am normally a good sleeper so this was very out of the ordinary and noticable. I also wanted really acidic fruits early on. One morning I drank nearly half a gallon of pineapple juice! Also had a craving for green grapes (not something we ever buy…) These were all like 4-5 dpo.

I remember thinking it was weird that I didn’t get the brst tenderness or other signs you hear about (esp since with just my regular cycle I always did…) So you just can’t predict how your body will react!

Good luck!! Its such an exciting time!!

It’s been quite a while, but I remember my pregnancy symptoms. With both kids, I felt really nauseated. I hated chicken which I normally love. I only wanted to eat shrimp and vegetables such as salad bar. I could try to eat beef, but I didn’t love it. I hated going to the grocery store and seeing pictures of food on packaging. It made me feel really sick.
After the first trimester, I had a slightly better appetite, but I still felt nauseated. I liked spaghetti with tomato sauce. I never ate very much, but I gained the normal amount of pregnancy weight anyway.
My nipples hurt a lot when I was first pregnant. With my first baby, I felt solid in my pelvic area. But when I was pregnant with my daughter, it felt like everything in the lower part of my body was about to let loose and fall down on the floor. It was an awful feeling! I did have bleeding now and then, and I had to lie in bed a lot.
I was really, really tired during the first trimester with both kids. I read that it’s because my body was working so hard at building a strong placenta.
People say that you glow when you’re pregnant. I felt that I looked awful. My hair was really flat and dingy. I was very happy once I gave birth!

I’ve had cramps (almost like period cramps) and ravenous hunger. I have to eat and eat lots.

I had all the usual early pregnancy symptoms that you hear about but one that was a little different was joint pain. In both my pregnancies almost the earliest symptom was that my joints felt weird and were easily injured, After about the five week mark this went away. The first time it was all in my elbows and the second time it was my knees - I kept spraining them just by walking around. I’m an avid swimmer and I also noted that my joints felt almost like they were hyperextending due to the water resistance. I had to modify all my strokes to keep everything braced.

My very first pregnancy symptom was very mildly burning breasts before I took the test which was when I was almost 4 weeks along.

My first symptoms was that I actually felt pregnant before I even did a test! I just knew I was…
At 5 weeks I became tired, could sleep all night and day! I’m now almost 20 weeks along and am still tired. No morning sickness here at all, lucky me :slight_smile:

My very first pregnancy symptom was extreme fatigue. I would practically pass out on the car ride from school to our apartment (which was 10 minutes long, lol!).
I also had general crampiness and bloating: regular mild PMS-type symptoms.

Second time around I had no symptoms whatsoever, which made it all the more surprising when we found out I was pregnant! :slight_smile:

[name]Early[/name] on I was tired like I’d never been tired in my life before, pretty much all the time. I didn’t actually throw up at all, but I felt nauseous a lot of the time. And a weird symptom that appeared for me in my first trimester but went away by the third was eczema-- which I’d never had before-- on my hands and feet. Not to mention having to pee every 10 seconds.

My first pregnancy was nearly symptom free. I was so healthy and full of energy I swear I could have played football with the guys without a single loss of breath. The only thing I experienced was excema, which started about halfway through and continued until my son was about 2 and then, like magic, it just disappeared.

I miscarried my second pregnancy at about 3 months. But I knew I was pregnant probably before I should have. My OBs nurse didn’t believe me because the first test they did at the office came back negative. They had to draw blood to be sure and continued to do so until I miscarried because my hCG level was so low.

My third pregnancy with my daughter was completely different. I was EXTREMELY moody, like I was always PMS-grumpy. I craved fruity things, particularly the Blackberry [name]Green[/name] [name]Tea[/name] Frap from Starbucks and I had a total aversion to chocolate (which is my single most favorite thing to eat). The excema returned, only 10 times worse and got even worse after she was born (I have this stuff EVERYWHERE, like even on my eyelids) and she is 2 now, 3 in [name]November[/name]. But the thing that stood out to me the most was about 3 days before I found out I was pregnant (and hadn’t yet realized that I missed my period) I was sitting at work and experienced this strange burning sensation just above my pubic bone. It was very bazarre. I’ll never forget it. It was like someone took a match to that area of my body.

I am 11 weeks today and most of the symptoms seem to be fading! I didn’t find out until i was 7 weeks but i had a horrible metal taste in my mouth that wouldn’t budge no matter how much i brushed my teeth and tongue! Smells were a real problem, i was walking to work where they were resurfacing the road and the smell of the tar made me gag. Going to the toilet a lot and having weird dreams! Also being really hungry all the time but not actually fancying anything to eat, oh and feeling very bloated!

recently I have had heartburn, fatiuge, cravings, morning sickness, back pain, and i looked like a wreck sometimes, my bladder shrunk to the size of a wallnut, being hungry, feeling bloated, increased sence of smell But thats just me and mood swings! you will probably b different. :wink:

ive learned that pregnancy is sort of a pain and not everybody understands it or you. But eventually its all worth it. :smiley:

I’m in the last trimester of my first pregnancy. This one was a doozie at the beginning. My breasts ALWAYS hurt, so much that I couldnt wear a bra until around 24 weeks. I also had awful morning sicknes. I was nauseous all the time, and when I wasn’t nauseaus I was vomiting. I also had swollen ankles right from the beginning.