Relieving diaper rash...

I was put on birth control by my doctor a few weeks ago so that I would have a normal menstrual cycle. Started bleeding [name_f]Sunday[/name_f] and have been wearing pads. I have found out that pads cause me to have severe diaper rash. Itchy, itchy, itchy! What do I do (besides wear tampons?) I’ve never had this happen before.

Sudocreme or a similar barrier cream should help :slight_smile:

Coconut oil is good for just about any skin problem, including diaper rash. You might also try changing the brand of pads you’re using. Some brands - Always especially - contain chemicals that irritate the skin and/or cause you to bleed heavier and cramp worse.

Thanks, ladies! @southern.maple That’s the exact brand I’m using! Well, I guess I know I should boycott Always, now. lol

Try Kotex. I’ve had a much better experience with that brand.

I have super-sensitive skin and I too found that Always pads don’t do anything good for the skin in that area. If you can find the brand Laroche-Posay where you are, they have a great balm (Cicaplast) that can also be used for basically any skin irritation and a zinc-based spray (serozinc) that I use on my son when he has a diaper rash.
Good luck with the itching, I hope it passes soon !

Thank you! I can just order online, I’m sure. I really feel the need to spread the word about how awful this Always product is. A period is bad enough without unsuspectingly buying shitty pads that make everything worse.

Surely it’s more a question of finding what works for you. [name_m]Just[/name_m] because it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it’s an awful product for everyone. I usually use Always pads and they’ve been great for me. I’m not trying to advertise Always or anything, but there’s nowt wrong with them for women who don’t have sensitive skin.

Maybe you’re right! The weird part is, I don’t have sensitive skin anywhere else on my body. I can use all kinds of products on my face and it doesn’t break out. Is it possible to be sensitive in some areas and not others? I didn’t think skin sensitivity worked that way, but I’m not a dermatologist.

I’ve always used Always [name_f]Infinity[/name_f] with no issues at all! I do prefer them to regular pads, as they are less bulky and absorb so quickly!