WDYT of it? I was looking at it in a baby name book and I thought it’s cute. I don’t usually do nicknames but [name]Robinson[/name] NN [name]Robin[/name] would be cute. I am a huge Batman fan so for me it’s a double of happiness for me as in reference for [name]Robinson[/name] [name]Park[/name] in the Batman Comics, and [name]Robin[/name], Batman’s sidekick WDYT?

I think of [name]Robinson[/name] Crusoe. I prefer [name]Robin[/name] (and i know a few boy Robins and one whose middl ename is Robin), but I think [name]Robinson[/name] could work with surnames becoming popular nowadays.

It think it depends on your last name.

I love [name]Robin[/name], without the -son. [name]Robinson[/name], to me, is too last namey and the sound is too trendy. I think it’s time for someone to name a little boy [name]Robin[/name] again.

Crusoe was my first thought. I’d just use [name]Robin[/name], [name]Robinson[/name] is a mouthful

I would not use [name]Robinson[/name] unless it’s a family name. Stick with [name]Robin[/name]; it’s worthy of a revival.

I think of [name]Jacie[/name] [name]Robinson[/name] because I’m a baseball fan but I don’t care for this surname as a fn. sounds forced for some reason

I personally prefer [name]Robin[/name], but I think it is cute, and could totally work as a first name. He’ll fit in with all the Harrisons, Jamesons, Greysons etc but will also be unique. As long as your lastname doesn’t sound like a first name (or he’d have a backwards name) or a last name ending in -son).

I like [name]Robinson[/name]. My husband is trying to convince me that we should name our son that. I just am worried about the nickname [name]Rob[/name]. I’d much prefer [name]Robin[/name].