Ross and Rachel baby naming conversation

I recently caught a hilarious rerun of Friends . . . [name]Rachel[/name] and [name]Ross[/name] (and [name]Phoebe[/name]) are beginning to talk about their baby’s potential name. :slight_smile: I wish I could just post the video, but the conversation is as follows:

[name]Rachel[/name]: “I was thinking if it’s girl, how 'bout [name]Sandrine[/name]? It’s French.”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Hmm . . . That’s a really pretty name . . . for an industrial solvent.”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Okay, fine. What do you have?”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Okay. It’s for a boy . . . it’s a little out there . . . [name]Darwin[/name].”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “My God. Our child will be beaten to death in the school yard.”

[name]Phoebe[/name]: “Yeah . . . by [name]Sandrine[/name].”

[name]Ross[/name]: “You’re just saying that because I said no to your name.”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “I’m really, really not.”

[name]Phoebe[/name]: “[name]How[/name] about you each get five vetoes?”

[name]Ross[/name]: “All right. That sounds fair.”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Okay, check this out. If it’s a girl . . . [name]Rain[/name].”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Veto”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Why?”

[name]Ross[/name]: “[name]Rain[/name]!? [name]Hi[/name], my name is [name]Rain[/name] . . . I have my own kiln, and my dress is made out of wheat . . .”

[name]Phoebe[/name]: “I know her! I bought a homemade soap from her at a Dead show!”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Okay. [name]How[/name] about for a guy . . . [name]Thatcher[/name]?”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “[name]Ross[/name], why do you hate our child?”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Fine you go.”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Okay, [name]James[/name].”

[name]Ross[/name]: (Pleasantly surprised) “Huh.”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “But, only if it’s a girl”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Okay, veto . . . I like [name]Ruth[/name]. What about [name]Ruth[/name]?”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Oh, I’m sorry. Are we having an 89-year-old ? . . [name]How[/name] about [name]Dayton[/name]?”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Veto. [name]Stewart[/name]?”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Veto. [name]Sawyer[/name]?”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Veto. [name]Helen[/name]?”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Veto”

[name]Phoebe[/name]: “Is it me, or is Veto starting to sound really good?”

Wow, it is like someone has been taping me and my husbands conversations from the last few weeks.

giggle I have to say, of the two, [name]Ross[/name] gets my vote as the best namer :wink:

:lol: :lol:

Didn’t they end up naming the baby [name]Emma[/name]?

Sili annie-- I think the reason it’s so funny is because it so honestly reflects many baby naming conversations. [name]Hope[/name] you got a laugh in the midst of your conversations with your husband. :slight_smile: I agree with you elea . . . [name]Ross[/name] has much better taste in names . . . And iris rose, they did in fact name her, [name]Emma[/name]. I found that conversation as well ( the baby has just been born, but they’ve just been calling her [name]Baby[/name] Girl:

[name]Chandler[/name]: “So, do you know what you’re going to call her yet?”

[name]Phoebe[/name]: “Wait, it’s not gonna be [name]Baby[/name] Girl? I thought that was so original.”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Actually, we’ve narrowed it down to two names.”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “And you know what? I love them both. So just pick one, and that’ll be it.”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Wow, okay everyone . . . this is [name]Isabella[/name].”

Everyone: “I love that! [name]Hi[/name], [name]Isabella[/name]!”

[name]Rachel[/name]: (crying and shaking her head) “No . . . That’s not her name . . . I’m sorry, she just doesn’t feel
like an [name]Isabella[/name].”

[name]Chandler[/name]: “So then I guess [name]Ferdinand[/name] is out.”

[name]Joey[/name]: “[name]Ross[/name], what was the other one?”

[name]Ross[/name]: “[name]Delilah[/name]”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Oh, great! Suddenly she sounds like a biblical whore.”

[name]Ross[/name]: “So, I guess were back to [name]Baby[/name] Girl.”

[name]Phoebe[/name]: “Yea!”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “What are we going to do?”

[name]Monica[/name]: “It’s okay, honey, you’ll find a name.”

[name]Ross[/name]: “Easy for you to say. You already know what your kids names will be.”

[name]Chandler[/name]: “You do?”

[name]Monica[/name]: “Yeah, I’ve had them picked out since I was 14.”

[name]Chandler[/name]: “Oh, no, it’s gonna be named after some snack or baked good, isn’t it?”

[name]Rachel[/name]: " Well, tell us, what are they?"

[name]Monica[/name]: “Okay. If it’s a boy, it’s [name]Daniel[/name].”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “And if it’s a girl?”

[name]Monica[/name]: “I don’t wanna to say.”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Oh, stop. Tell us. We’re not gonna want it.”

[name]Monica[/name]: “Okay, it’s . . . [name]Emma[/name].”

[name]Rachel[/name]: (Gasping) “[name]Emma[/name]. (Looks at the baby with tears) See, I don’t want it.”

[name]Monica[/name]: “Take it.”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “What?”

[name]Monica[/name]: “She’s clearly an [name]Emma[/name].”

[name]Rachel[/name]: “Oh, honey, but you love that name.”

[name]Monica[/name]: “Yeah, but I love you more.”

[name]Monica[/name]: Besides, nothing goes with [name]Bing[/name] . . . So, I’m screwed."

:lol: oh my! They threw out so many names I love!!! [name]Thatcher[/name], [name]Ferdinand[/name] (guilty pleasure!), [name]Delilah[/name], [name]Ruth[/name], and [name]Helen[/name]!

That was fun to read, Thanks guys! :smiley:

I wish there were a like button. That was a fun read and makes me want to go back and watch the series again.

<3 them! I like Rachel’s style :slight_smile:

purplerose, i was just thinking that! (about the like button)

My favorite line is [name]Ross[/name], why do you hate our child? :smiley:
I would also like to add that [name]Monica[/name] and [name]Chandler[/name] later names their twins [name]Erica[/name] and [name]Jack[/name].