I am pregnant with my first, we don’t know the sex yet, but if its girl I have fallen in love with the name [name]Rue[/name]. I saw it used as a middle name on someone else’s page and I would love to use it as a first. [name]Do[/name] you think Rumor/Rumour is too out there? And which spelling do you prefer?

Thanks! [name]Lauren[/name].

I know she won’t always be a teenager, but Rumor seems like it would be a tough name for a girl to handle in high school.

I like Rumor better b/c that’s how the word would be spelled here (Pennsylvania). I do love the nn [name]Rue[/name]/Roo (I have [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Ruby[/name], nn [name]Emmy[/name] Roo, on my short list!), and Rumor sounds cool for a name, but I wouldn’t want the meaning of the name for my own name!

Rumor is nowhere near as bad, but I have a coworker who LOVES the name Vanity for a future potential daughter (she’s still in high school, so hopefully she changes her mind before then!). It may sound cute or cool, but when you think about what the word actually means… not so awesome. :confused:

I’m always looking for [name]Rue[/name]/Roo names, since my grandmother was [name]Ruth[/name]. I really don’t like [name]Ruth[/name], but I’d love to honor her. [name]Ruby[/name] is my favorite option, but I’ve also considered just [name]Rue[/name], [name]Rubina[/name], etc.

Good luck! I hope this helps!

The novelist [name]Rumer[/name] Godden spells her name with an “e”, as does [name]Rumer[/name] [name]Willis[/name]. Keeps the sound, but takes it a step away from the “gossip” connotation. Another plus, you wouldn’t have to choose between the American and British/Canadian spellings. On the down side, she will definitely have to say, “No, with an E”.
Either way, [name]Rue[/name] is lovely. Actress [name]Rue[/name] McClanahan was born [name]Edwina[/name] Rheua (a bit too “rheumatism” for me), but she carried [name]Rue[/name] like she owned it. Another namesake is actress [name]Sara[/name] [name]Rue[/name]. So I think you could get away with [name]Rue[/name] as a lovely, short n’ sweet name in its own right.

I like [name]Rue[/name] well enough, but Rumor? I just feel you’re setting your child up for too many problems., not to mention the teasing.

I think it might have been my daughter’s name you say! [name]Elena[/name] [name]Rue[/name]! we call her [name]Laney[/name] [name]Rue[/name]. I don’t mind Rumor/[name]Rumer[/name]/Rumour, but I agree her teen use might be difficult, but I still like it.

I think “Rumor” spelled any way is awesome, and people definitely overestimate the teasing of kids based on their unusual names. Many parents are using more unique names, and it’s really not the source of ridicule people make it out to be. So go for it!

As a pp mentioned, my first thought was to use the [name]Rumer[/name] spelling, because then you get a nice namesake and can avoid having it spelled like the gossip. I love the name [name]Rumer[/name], it hovers on my list frequently.

I totally agree with agirlinred, it would be a tough name for a teenaged girl.
I really like [name]Rue[/name] but not Rumor. Why don’t you name the baby [name]Rue[/name] if it’s a girl?

Another idea-- what about [name]Prudence[/name] nn [name]Rue[/name]?

I like [name]Rumer[/name] nn [name]Rue[/name]. In fact, I think its awesome!!!
Rumor/Rumour…I would just go with [name]Rumer[/name] to be on the safe side. Besides, the [name]Rumer[/name] spelling is so sophisticated, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

So if I was to pair [name]Rumer[/name] with a middle name what would you guys suggest?

[name]Rumer[/name] Godden’s first name was [name]Margaret[/name], folks. [name]Rumer[/name] was her mother/grandmother’s maiden name (can’t remember which, although her agent [name]Marilyn[/name] [name]Marlow[/name] did tell me once) and she used it for writing only. She hated the name [name]Rumer[/name] and was called by her first name. She says this quite clearly in her three autobiographies. When she was told that [name]Bruce[/name] [name]Willis[/name] and [name]Demi[/name] [name]Moore[/name] had named their daughter [name]Rumer[/name] after her, she was appalled.

[name]Rue[/name] is an herb/flower name that stands quite nicely on its own, I think. Aside from [name]Ruth[/name], which I like, I think [name]Prudence[/name] – nn [name]Rue[/name] – is a good option if you don’t want [name]Rue[/name] on its own.

I second the suggestions of [name]Ruth[/name], [name]Prudence[/name], and [name]Rue[/name] by itself.

Naming a child [name]Rumer[/name], Rumour, or any other Rumor homonym will set the child up for a lifetime of questioning, funny looks, and name ambivalence. Who wants to be a rumor? Too many negative (not to mention self-effacing) connotations.

I don’t like [name]Ruth[/name] or [name]Prudence[/name]. And I don’t think we will go with [name]Rumer[/name], only for the fact that it flows horribly with our last name. [name]Rumer[/name] [name]Mercer[/name]. Ughhh. :frowning:

I don’t care for the name [name]Rumer[/name]/Rumor- it has teasing potential. Also I looked up the meaning of [name]Rue[/name] here on nameberry. It is a word name meaning “regret”. It sounds like a lovely name but the meaning of it turns me off. I wouldn’t want my child to have their name mean “regret”. I love the name [name]Ruth[/name]- very pretty. [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Mercer[/name] sounds nice together!

I dislike the name Rumor. To me, a rumor is somewhat of a negative thing and therefore I havea hard time liking it as a name for a person.

However I love the name [name]Rue[/name]. I would second a pp suggestion of just using the name [name]Rue[/name] for a daughter, otherwise, why don’t you shorten it from:


I know a little girl named Vanity. When my friend and I first heard her name we kind of just looked at each other, like, what?

I prefer just [name_u]Rue[/name_u]. Not my style but it’s nice enough, Rumor/Rumour is too out-there for me, really dislike it. Especially since I see rumour as the same meaning as ‘gossip’.