Salomé or Sidonie?

Hi ! So… I posted earlier about Paloma & my love for the name. Quick rundown about me: I’m about 27 weeks pregnant with first child with husband, I am French & he is American (his mother is from France & father is from England), we live in Paris for 6 months out of the year & California for the other 6 months. Our surname is Eve. We had picked Sidonie.

Someone pointed out that Paloma is a name that sounds best when spoken by Spanish speakers as it is a Spanish name. No matter how much I adore this name, I agree with that. Though I do speak Spanish fluently as does my husband I’d admittedly probably not pronounce it as beautifully as a native speaker does.

Our daughter’s middle name will be Frédérique (honour name) which means “peaceful ruler”.

My whole appeal about Paloma was that it’s not only beautiful, but it symbolises peace as it means dove :dove: A French name (of Hebrew origin) with a similar peaceful meaning is Salomé :dizzy:. (Pronounced sa-LOH-may). It literally means peace :peace_symbol: :sparkles: !

We had previously decided on Sidonie (Fr : see-DOE-nee, Eng : sih-DOE-nee) which means “from Sidon”, which is perfect because my grandmother is from Sidon, Lebanon :lebanon: (commonly known as Saida by locals). I also love the sound of the name, even though it does bump into our surname with the EE sounds a bit I’m not too bothered by that. To catch you up to speed, yes we know that Sidonie would be mispronounced as Sydney by many Americans & we’re OK with that. I like the name Sydney, not as much as Sidonie but it’s a cool name. We don’t mind if she has the pronunciations of Sidonie in France & Sydney in America (think Timothée Chalamet going by Timothée [ti-moe-tay] in France & Timothy [tim-uh-thee] in America). We’ve also thought it’d ease her along if we gave her a nickname like Sisi (like CeeCee ), Doe, Donie, Dodie, etc. I also think that if she doesn’t want to go by Sydney, after one correction and/or introduction with the proper pronunciation, she would be called by the proper “Sidonie”.

Now for Salomé – I’ve always loved this name. It is a timeless, strong, beautiful name. It fits in here in Paris perfectly. Salome is a figure from the Bible, & while i’m not very religious, I do like the long ancestry of the name. I was thinking she could go by the nickname Sally / Sallie in America and/or we could call her Lo or Lolo. I also know it isn’t a completely unfamiliar name to Americans too because Salome is a biblical figure & the iconic actress Rita Hayworth portrayed her in a film of the same name.

Between these two names, which do you prefer ? Salomé Frédérique or Sidonie Frédérique ? I had a mixed bag of responses of people, some who adored Sidonie & some who really disliked it so I’m interested to hear what you all have to say about Salomé. Thanks so much :tulip::heart::sparkling_heart: :kiss: - Delphine


What a tough choice!! I do love the strength and distinction of [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] but I think the fact [name_f]Salome[/name_f] shares a meaning (and some sounds) with [name_f]Paloma[/name_f], and has an intriguing look and sound gives it a slight edge for me


I really like [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f]. [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] has kind of negative associations for me (asking for [name_u]John[/name_u] the Baptist to be beheaded and his head presented on a platter during a feast :weary:). So I would go with [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f]. I really like how it flows with your middle name and surname as well.

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Thank you ! :heart::sparkles: Ahh I was hoping that most people would associate the name with the other [name_f]Salome[/name_f] who was the wife of Zebidee & a follower of [name_m]Jesus[/name_m] rather than the dancer :joy: Once again I wasn’t raised religiously so I hoped I could skate by on that [name_f]Salome[/name_f] since the beheaded [name_u]John[/name_u] the Baptist [name_f]Salome[/name_f] isn’t technically named in the [name_u]New[/name_u] Testament !! But alas it seems that the “bad” [name_f]Salome[/name_f] is the most known ! Shows how much I remember from my theology classes in uni :joy:

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First of all, it’s my opinion you don’t have to BE from a country or a native speaker to use that name. There are no rules or laws on using names from all over the world that fit your life & tastes. It is thoughtful, but also just an opinion.

Also, as you are an internationally varied home, and speak Spanish fluently, your pn and respect for [name_f]Paloma[/name_f] would far exceed most non-native speakers who use the name, I’d think!

But, you are very kind to change course.

I personally love [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] (it’s been on our list!), but I think [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] fits you both better from your description. Both options are lovely, but I think since you are honoring someone in the MN and that name already mentions peace, going with the slightly more upbeat (imo) [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] is a winner! Also, although mispronunciation can be annoying at times, from our experience, it usually goes away the moment you correct or when someone gets to know you. Don’t be shy to correct immediately. Most ppl are happy to know they’re more in the ballpark, than feel uncomfortable that they’re wrong. :laughing:

God bless, good luck!


[name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] [name_f]Frederique[/name_f] [name_f]Eve[/name_f] is still my favourite combo, it’s gorgeous. I’m beginning to really fall for the name [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] now lol.
I don’t like [name_f]Salome[/name_f] very much, but obviously everyone has different opinions. It doeshave slight negative associations as @sarahjane1 mentioned, I thought the same thing.
[name_f]Paloma[/name_f] is starting to grow on me a bit more, since it has a girly touch without being frilly. :wink:
But yes, overall, [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] still is my favourite. And I think it’s a meaningful name as you said your grandmother was from Sidon, such a cute way to honour her.
I can’t wait to see what you choose!

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[name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] gets my vote !


Really difficult. I think ultimately I’d prefer [name_f]Salomé[/name_f], as I can’t shake the urge to anglicise the pronunciation of [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] to SID-ony rather than Sid-OH-nie. Of course I’d manage to pronounce correctly IRL just my first instinct is SID-ony. I prefer [name_f]Paloma[/name_f] to both, and I also like [name_u]Sydney[/name_u].


[name_f]My[/name_f] family is also French-American and I love both of these names! But I would go for [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f]. The “peace” meaning of [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] is very nice, but I think the name does have some negative connotations for [name_f]English[/name_f] speakers—this alone wouldn’t sway me, but it could be a reason to lean towards [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] (and luckily you have an honor name with a nice “peaceful” meaning as a middle name).
The other hesitation I have with [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] is that I’ve been told it sounds like “salami” (the lunch meat). Again, I would not say this makes the name unusable, but another nudge towards [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f].
Finally, I love that you have an actual connection to the place [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] is named after! I’ve considered [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] and thought for us the meaning would be a bit random…but it’s quite a beautiful connection for you!
But really both [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] and [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] are beautiful names. I think May/Mae would be a sweet “American” nickname for [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] too!


Definitely prefer [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f]! [name_f]Salome[/name_f] is quite close to salami… Im in the southern US for reference.

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adore [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] / [name_f]Salome[/name_f] though the one problem I would raise as a native [name_f]English[/name_f] speaker is that before I learned the correct pronounciation of (sa-LOH-may) I was instinctively saying it like (sah-lome). but, like with the majority of [name_u]French[/name_u] names this can be handled quite well by simply correcting people’s pronounciation a time or two. you also mentioned using nicknames as well, so again, pronounciation confusion could be fixed by maybe having her go by something pretty like [name_f]Lo[/name_f].

[name_f]Salomé[/name_f] [name_f]Frédérique[/name_f] is beyong gorgeous and if I was your daughter I’d be thrilled by this name, at least while in the US no one else will have anything like it :blush:

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@Greyblue @sarahjane1 @rebekah83 @XxIzzixX @Ehrob1 @Lula-Rose @Halloween_Jacqueline @hellobanjo @janeybaby

Wow, thank you all SO much ! :heart::sparkling_heart::heart::sparkling_heart: This honestly means so much to me more than you could know ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To address some of the commonly addressed things : I admittedly had never heard of salami & definitely don’t want that to be associated with my daughter. Lol :joy: I also don’t want the association with the woman who asked for [name_u]John[/name_u] the Baptist’s head on the platter, especially in [name_u]America[/name_u] where people are much more passionately [name_u]Christian[/name_u] than in [name_f]France[/name_f] (even in California). Btw that’s not a critique of Americans’ faith – I find [name_f]Faith[/name_f] incredibly admirable – It’s actually just my concern that she’d have the “stink” of that name to those familiar with the Bible.

Also to [name_f]Rebekah[/name_f] : I agree with you about not needing to be from a country to give your child a name from that country ! I just felt like maybe I’d insulted a native Spanish, & I don’t want to do that. But you’re right - how many people are named [name_f]Miranda[/name_f], [name_f]Dolores[/name_f], [name_f]Christina[/name_f], [name_f]Diana[/name_f], [name_f]Angela[/name_f], [name_u]Maria[/name_u], [name_f]Isabela[/name_f], etc. that don’t speak any Spanish ? :thinking: Especially since husband & I both speak fluent Spanish & have spent time living in Spain & Mexico, I especially don’t think it’d be disrespectful to give a daughter the name “Paloma”. Thank you for your help with that. :heart:

Anyways : While I really love [name_f]Salomé[/name_f], after a long discussion going back & forth with my husband (after reading this thread), I think we are going to stick with [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] ! :sunny::sparkles: I think while [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] works very much in [name_f]France[/name_f] (just a quick Google search & you’ll see how it’s a pretty «chic» name here), it doesn’t work as well in [name_u]America[/name_u]. I also really don’t want her called Salami, lol. Especially since her parents are vegetarians & she will be too (but will be given a choice when she’s old enough) :seedling:

In a perfect world, we’d have 2 or 3 more children, so if we have another daughter, we could give her the name [name_f]Paloma[/name_f] (thank you for suggesting that). :dove: Because, honestly, [name_f]Paloma[/name_f] was the name I was really wanting & [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] was kind of a compromise. I think a first daughter with an honour name for us would just be [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f]. In a way, it honours in both ways – my grandmother from Sidon & my stepfather/mentor [name_m]Frédéric[/name_m]. And since I don’t mind her being called [name_u]Sydney[/name_u] in [name_u]America[/name_u] (see my [name_m]Timothée[/name_m] Chalamet analogy) , I just think it might be perfect. :sparkling_heart:

If you liked [name_f]Salomé[/name_f] more, thank you for your consideration because I also adore that name ! :heart: I just think that she really feels like a [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] [name_f]Frédérique[/name_f] now. I appreciate all of your honesty & your help. Many wishes of goodness to you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you.


[name_f]Beautiful[/name_f] choice & I love the idea of saving [name_f]Paloma[/name_f] for later! [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] & [name_f]Paloma[/name_f] sound sweet.

Congrats & best wishes :two_hearts:

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[name_u]Love[/name_u] [name_f]Sidonie[/name_f] and [name_f]Paloma[/name_f] as a sibset. You’ve chosen beautifully!

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Awwww. Thankyou for letting us know what you decided on, it’s been nice to see your journey towards your perfect name. You’ve chosen beautifully :heart: