What would you rate it out of five stars? Is there a possible nickname other than [name]Sandy[/name] or [name]Sandra[/name]? I hate those.

1 star, sorry. Unfortunately I think of the nicknames that school kids will probably come up with, and that is Sardine.

It’s kind of interesting, but I’m not really a fan. I would probably rate it 2.5 stars, maybe 3. Possible nicknames could be [name]Drina[/name] or [name]Andy[/name]. It could be cool as a nickname for [name]Alexandrine[/name], I think.

I love [name]Sandra[/name], so I can’t say I like it in this form. Like pp said, it’s kind of Sardine, and a little bit like a very special sandwich (like a casserole is sometimes a cassoulet). I didn’t like the long-form [name]Alexandrine[/name] more than just [name]Alexandra[/name] last time it came up either. Very fussy and needlessly excessive, imo.

If you are looking for a nickname besides [name]Sandy[/name] or [name]Sandra[/name], at least in this case, you can look into Reenie (Reni?) or [name]Rina[/name]. I wouldn’t, I have known people called [name]Rena[/name], but it’s like [name]Reno[/name] or Renal to me. There was a huge fad in the 50s or 60s (I’m guessing vaguely) of names like [name]Maureen[/name] and [name]Doreen[/name], [name]Koreen[/name], even, similar to names that were also popular at the time, like [name]Kathleen[/name] and [name]Darlene[/name], and [name]Charlene[/name] and [name]Marlene[/name]. [name]Sandrine[/name] really sounds like you do like [name]Sandra[/name], but find it dated (it is). I, however, think it sounds a lot better than [name]Sandrine[/name], which kind of sounds somewhat medicinal for the affliction of sand in your eye (or somewhere). On “Friends,” [name]Rachel[/name] suggested [name]Sandrine[/name] for her baby, which was shot down by [name]Ross[/name] as some kind of chemical (I think). I can’t find this info or a manuscript or video.

[name]Sandrine[/name] has nothing to do with [name]Sandra[/name]. It’s the French variation of the Greek [name]Alexandra[/name]. I was just concerned that [name]Sandra[/name] might be a tempting nn. [name]Andy[/name] is a decent nn that I didn’t think of. I didn’t even think of the Sardine association. That’s a legitimate complaint. Nameberry says it’s a petrochemical. This isn’t common knowledge, however.

[name]Sandra[/name] — also comes from [name]Alexandra[/name]. They are related.[name]Sandrine[/name]
“Sophisticated French choice. Or toxic petrochemical.”

[name]Ah[/name], yes. You are absolutely right. And that’s so obvious too… Pardon me.

I watched a French film a few years ago whose protagonist was named [name]Sandrine[/name]. I’ve liked it ever since.

Wasn’t there some joke on Friends about [name]Sandrine[/name] when [name]Ross[/name] and [name]Rachel[/name] were considering names for their baby? I remember someone telling [name]Rachel[/name] that [name]Sandrine[/name] sounded like some sort of toilet cleaner…I’d tend to agree.