Scary Stories!

Hi everyone! It’s close to Halloween, so I decided we should share scary stories* that we know!

What’s your favorite scary story*?

What’s your least favorite scary story*?

Have you ever written one before? [name_f]Do[/name_f] you want to?

Scary story* recommendations?

Or if you don’t have any, you can write your own if you want!

Just share! It could be a dark and serious or as light and humorous as you want it to be!

*Scary stories include creepypasta, campfire stories, folktale, legends, rumors, etc!

Okay. Scary stories freak me out, but my sister-friend went through a phase, so I got a little hooked for a while.

  1. I’m going for the true crime doc. [name_m]Don[/name_m]’t F*** With Cats. It was very well done (but terrifying).

  2. The Japanese ones. To this day, I can’t go into the bathroom without thinking of red/blue vest. I also fear vests.

  3. I used to write some. Then, I freaked myself out and decided to delete them.

  4. Okay, so if you look up Scary Stories under ‘short stories’ in quotev, there are some pretty good recommendations.

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I found this scary story playlist on youtube, watched it, go freaked out, and decided to share it here!