Scrolling a lot

Is there a way to change the interface into separate pages , so that I can jump to a thread from a few months ago instead of scrolling for ten minutes?

You can’t paginate, I’m afraid, but you can easily jump around a long thread without scrolling by using either the timeline to the right (on desktop — just click anywhere on the timeline to jump to that point or click and drag to move around) or the post count box at the bottom on mobile (just click the box and a timeline will appear).

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Example of mobile scrolling (on this thread) attached.

The box at the bottom (that says 2/2) is what you would click. Those numbers tell you which post number you are currently viewing out of how many posts total on the thread.

Thanks for answering! I know how to jump on a thread, but was hoping there was a faster way to get to older threads :slight_smile:

Ohh, I see what you mean! Well, your best bet there would be to use the search bar either to search the name of the thread (if you know) it, or advanced search and then you can specify a specific timeframe for your search.

Ok, thanks!

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