Seasonal names?

Most of them aren’t my favorite anyway, but what do you think of using the names of seasons or months on babies in relation to when they are born? [name]Do[/name] they have to be born in that season or month? Or is that cheesy? If you like the name [name]Autumn[/name], does she have to be born in the autumn? Or is it better if she isn’t born in autumn?

I like the name [name]Mae[/name] (not [name]May[/name] though), but I was thinking I probably wouldn’t use it if I had a daughter who was actually born in [name]May[/name].

I actually knew twins when I was young who were called [name]May[/name] and [name]June[/name] (the first was born before midnight on [name]May[/name] 31 and the other was born shortly after midnight on [name]June[/name] 1). I thought it was cute at the time but now it sounds cheesy to my adult years. There are many females who are named [name]May[/name] and [name]June[/name] and aren’t born in those months. These two names are also common middle names. There still are some appealing names to consider.

[name]Season[/name] (a name that has grown on me over the years)
[name]January[/name] (actress [name]January[/name] [name]Jones[/name] truly has an unforgettable name)
[name]August[/name] (choice for boy or girl and not just for those born in this month)
[name]Autumn[/name] (my favorite time of year)
[name]Winter[/name]/[name]Wynter[/name] (cool moniker)
[name]Summer[/name] (hot and sexy if that’s an image you want for a daughter??)

[name]Robin[/name] Benway’s new book is about sisters- [name]April[/name], [name]May[/name], [name]June[/name]. I have to admit it sounds a bit lower-class, oh, how snobby! However, I think I would hate being named [name]November[/name] or [name]December[/name] only because I was born that month.

I really like [name]April[/name] and [name]June[/name], [name]Winter[/name] and [name]Autumn[/name] as girls names.

[name]August[/name] for a boy is growing on me.

I know some people with seasonal names:

Names that I think may work:
[name]Winter[/name] (lovely)
[name]Spring[/name] (could work for a little boy!)
[name]July[/name] (could be a new [name]Julie[/name]?)
[name]November[/name] (a secret pleasure of mine!)
[name]Easter[/name] (nn [name]East[/name]?)

Similar name feelings:
[name]Tuesday[/name] (a beautiful flow!)
Six (a hold over from blossom days!)
[name]Seven[/name] (a strong boys name!)

I probably wouldn’t use any of these names (but [name]November[/name] will be in the back of my mind) but I think they could work for the right family!